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Stem van Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, dood gevind as gevolg van selfmoord bejaardes 65

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Stem van Charlie Brown, Peter Robbins, word dood gevind as gevolg van selfmoord bejaardes 65: Ontstelde stemakteur en voormalige kinderster het vyf jaar tronkstraf uitgedien, maar het sy lewe om Peter Robbins omgedraai, 65, verlede week aan selfmoord gesterf...

Peter Dinklage blasts Disney for remaking Snow White

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'You’re making that f***ing backwards story about seven dwarfs living in a cave together': Peter Dinklage blasts Disney for remaking Snow White while being 'proud to cast a Latina actress' in the lead role Peter Dink...

‘What a stupid son of a bitch’: Biden attacks Fox NewsPeter Doocy

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'What a stupid son of a b**ch': Rattled Biden is caught CURSING at Fox News reporter Peter Doocy on hot mic for asking if 'inflation is a political liability' after president banned off-topic questionsFox News corres...

Peter Phillips introduces grandmother the Queen to his new girlfriend

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Peter Phillips introduces his grandmother the Queen to his new girlfriend after his divorce in sure sign that couple are getting serious Peter Phillips has introduced his new partner his grandmother the Queen He rep...

PETER HITCHENS: Labour’s hero? Nurse who stopped man seeing dying wife

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PETER HITCHENS: Who is Labour's hero? A nurse who stopped a man seeing his dying wife Who wants to pull Al Johnson down, and why? I’m no friend of the Prime Minister and would gladly have seen him fall in March 2020 ...

PETER HITCHENS: We sat in a stupor but get into a frenzy over a party

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PETER HITCHENS: We sat in a stupor as Boris shut us down over Covid - but it is now that we get into a frenzy about a party! Why do so many of you always get angry about the wrong thing at the wrong time? How ridicu...

Peter Tobin victim’s dad raised glass to celebrate killer’s stroke

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Father of Peter Tobin murder victim Vicky Hamilton says he has raised a glass of brandy to toast the serial killer's failing health after he suffered suspected stroke in prisonMichael Hamilton has raised a glass to t...

Hollywood vrees dat wakkerheid dit sal doodmaak: PETER PINE & PETER SAVODNIK

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Hollywood sal dit skaars waag om dit te fluister, maar die wakker revolusie wat wit mans verdryf het en verseker dat elke produksie ideologies gesond is, sal die vermaaklikheidsbedryf doodmaak, writes PETER KIEFER and PETER...

Peter Mandelson grinnik saam met Jeffrey Epstein

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Die voormalige minister van arbeid, lord Mandelson, grinnik oor Jeffrey Epstein se verjaardagpartytjie op foto wat 'n JAAR geneem is nadat miljardêr-finansierder daarvan aangekla is dat hy 'n vrou vir prostitusie gewerf het.'' Foto's wys lord Mandelso..

PETER HITCHENS: If Blair wants a gong, he can buy an Order of Lenin

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PETER HITCHENS: If Tony Blair wants a gleaming gong, he can buy an Order of Lenin on the internet If we had to mark the precise moment when this country finally disappeared up its own digestive tract, it was the day ...

Last Picture Show giant Peter Bogdanovich dies at 82

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'May he sleep in bliss for eternity, enjoying the thrill of our applause forever': Last Picture Show giant Peter Bogdanovich dies at 82 - after enduring bankruptcy, addiction and a love life tainted by tragedyWhen Pe...

Bail hearing for former fashion mogul Peter Nygard began Thursday

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Disgraced fashion mogul Peter Nygard finally gets bail hearing in Canada for sexual assault charges following weeks of adjournments: 80-year-old faces extradition to US for preying on dozens of women and underage gir...

Peter Wright celebrated world title with a ‘cup of tea and Pot Noodle

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How does a newly-crowned darts world champion celebrate? Tea and a 'sticky rib' Pot Noodle! Peter Wright reveals how he 'partied' after a thrilling final win over Michael Smith at Alexandra PalacePeter Wright won his...

PETER HITCHENS: Greens think they’re too nice to be wrong

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PETER HITCHENS: Just like the Reds, Greens think they're too nice to be wrong but this country will begin to get colder and darker Last week I described a long-ago Christmas in Moscow, in those days the capital city ...

PETER HITCHENS recalls his family’s Christmas the Soviet Union

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My Christmas in the Evil Empire: A goose bought from a peasant, Soviet ‘champagne’ only for the desperate, a pudding doused in Armenian brandy and KGB top brass watching it all - PETER HITCHENS recalls festivities in...

PETER HITCHENS: Are we finally coming to our senses?

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PETER HITCHENS: After two years of mass hysteria, are we finally coming to our senses? Is Britain recovering its senses? I am wary of optimism, and this may be like one of those brief thaws they had in Communist Russ...

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