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Sir Philip Green’s daughter Chloe ties the knot to Manuele Thiella

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Sir Philip Green's daughter Chloe ties the knot to Manuele Thiella in low-key Monte Carlo wedding: Happy couple wed during discreet ceremony for just 15 guests with 'no fuss' or 'big party'Chloe gave birth to their fi...

The Queen is back at Windsor to be with her beloved Prince Philip

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'May flights of Angels sing thee to thy rest': Royal family's touching final message to the Queen as she is buried with Prince Philip alongside her parents and sister in private service after four billion watch her fu...

Queen Elizabeth II will be buried alongside husband Prince Philip

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The Queen's vault and final resting place beside Philip - and reuniting Us Four: Queen Elizabeth II will today be buried beside her husband in Windsor's St George's Chapel where her father George VI, mother Elizabeth ...