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Plant-based products cost up to 70% more than the meat versions

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The great plant-based rip-off! Vegans are being charged up to 353% MORE by supermarkets for substitute 'meats' - with faux fish fingers and chicken the worst offendersVegan shoppers are being subjected to high prices...

Plant-based salmon filet high in set to hit the market in 2024

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Sounds fishy: Plant-based salmon filet that is high in Omega-3 and protein, but without the mercury and microplastics, is set to hit the market in 2024Plantish unveiled its plant-based whole-cute salmon filet on Thur...

The top five plant-based foods to include in your diet every week

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A nutritionist's weekly shopping list: The FIVE foods to include in your diet if you want to stay in peak health throughout 2022A nutritionist has revealed the top plant-based foods to include in your diet Fiona Tuc...

Così… are KFC’s new plant-based chicken nuggets actually good?

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Are KFC's meatless nuggets REALLY as finger lickin' good as the real deal? Fried chicken giant launches plant-based meat alternative across the US, and FEMAIL puts it to the testKFC began selling plant-based chicken ...

Marks & Spencer reveal plant-based range for 2022

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It's not just any Veganuary! Marks & Spencer reveal plant-based range for 2022, including chocolate cake jar, bravas dirty fries and a 'VLT sandwich' Marks & Spencer has launched a vegan range for 2022 Compreso ...

Are plant-based milks REALLY better for you?

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Should you REALLY ditch dairy? Experts compare the traditional pint of milk to trendy alternatives - and warn plant-based options are lower in carbs and sugar, but are ultra-processed and lack calciumTrewithen Dairy ...

Soldiers moan about lack of plant-based options in Armed Forces

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Woke soldiers 'moan' about a lack of plant-based options in the Armed Forces and 'having to buy their own vegan Doc Martens' because they 'refuse to wear commissioned cow-hide boots'Vegan Society say they have receiv...

Barburrito’s plant-based chicken is MORE popular than the real thing

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High street Mexican food chain Barburrito reveals plant-based chicken is MORE popular than the real thing as customers go veganBarburrito's plant-based chicken filling is on course to overtake real chicken Faux-meat ...

Una dieta ricca di piante riduce il rischio di ictus 10%, rivelano gli scienziati

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Allontanati dalla bistecca! I vegani hanno meno probabilità di subire un COLPO rispetto ai vegetariani o ai mangiatori di carne, la ricerca mostra I ricercatori di Harvard hanno monitorato più di 200,000 la dieta delle persone è finita 25 anni Solo più di 6,000 -...