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Pompeii archeologists find Ikea-like extendable beds in ‘slave room

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Pompeii archaeologists find Ikea-like extendable beds in rare 'slave room' discovery that gives fascinating insight into daily lives of 'little known' part of ancient city's societyArchaeologists in a Civita Giuliana...

CHRISTOPHER STEVENS on TV: Pompeii victims come back to life

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CHRISTOPHER STEVENS recensisce la TV di ieri sera: A terrified child, a mum-to-be... Pompeii victims come back to life Pompeii: Secrets Of The Dead Rating: The Hairy Bikers Go North Rating: History demands imagination to...

Pompeii victim was styling her hair when lava hit, historian says

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Pregnant mother in her 20s styled her hair 'and put her little comb on' before trying to flee the erupting Vesuvius nearly 2,000 anni fa, historian tells new documentary exploring PompeiiHistorian Bettany Hughes ma...

Pompeii: Remains of ancient Roman snack bar opens to tourists

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Welcome to Pompeii's fast food joint! Remains of an ancient snack bar that served duck, snails and paella to poor residents of the Roman city 2,000 years ago opens to touristsThe 'thermopolium' eatery was unearthed i...

Eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD suffocated Pompeii in just 15 minuti

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All life in Pompeii was wiped out in just 15 MINUTES of the catastrophic volcano eruption that suffocated thousands in the Roman city 2,000 anni fa, lo studio trovaAlcuni 2,000 people were asphyxiated by a giant cloud of...

Archaeologists unearth ancient ‘salad barat Pompeii

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Archaeologists unearth ancient 'salad bar' at Pompeii revealing goats, maiali, fish and snails were on the menu for ancient RomansArchaeologists have unearthed a termopolium during a dig at Pompeii, Italy Plant and ani...