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Could you get rid of half your possessions?

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Could you get rid of half your possessions? That's the challenge in this TV show - and from a wedding dress to children's artwork, as these women discovered, it's a tearfully heartrending processFamilies are challeng...

GYLES BRANDRETH’s treasured possessions

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Why I hoard my life's memories in over 100 boxes stashed in the basement: A lock of his teenage girlfriend's hair, a Christmas card from Maggie... even a random Rolo wrapper. GYLES BRANDRETH's treasured possessions N...

Uomo, 35, spends year living with just 44 possessions

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uomo americano, 35, spends year living with just 44 possessions while camping or staying with friends after selling his HOME to become less materialisticRob Greenfield, 35, dalla Carolina del Nord, spent an entire year with only...

Al Capone’s former possessions to be sold in California auction

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Scarface stash for sale! Al Capone's favorite .45 automatic pistol and a letter he wrote from Alcatraz are among 174 of the mobster's possessions being auctioned off by his granddaughtersThe granddaughters of famous ...

Moment dancing pickpockets pretend to be drunk to steal possessions

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Moment dancing pickpockets pretend to be drunk revellers to steal wallets and phones from clueless pubgoers - as they are both jailed for 28 monthsTwo conmen, Abdul Boychaala, 30, and Hussen Ehab, 26, jailed for 28 m ...

Harry’s possessions ‘cleared out from Frogmore Cottage

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Royal Boxed: Windsor Castle staff 'cleared out Prince Harry's personal possessions from Frogmore Cottage and put them in storage just days after his visit to UK for Diana memorial'Many of the Duke's belongings includ...

Travellers pay respects to their parents by burning their possessions

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Siblings pay their respects to their late parents by burning their belongings on Here Come The Gypsies and insist they'd set fire to a £20,000 trailer because travellers don't want anyone else to have their posession...

Possessions of late financier Tim Hoare being sold at auction

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£100,000 Salvador Dali painting and a £12,000 Steinway grand piano are among 400 possessions of late millionaire financier Tim Hoare heading to auctionMr Hoare, che è morto invecchiato 69 nel 2019, lived at the Grade-II listed ...