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FBI probes possible contacts of Texas synagogue terrorist

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Texas synagogue terrorist Malik Faisal Akram was 'dropped off at Dallas homeless shelter by a man who hugged him': Photo shows attacker days before hostage crisis as FBI probe his possible contacts in the USMalik Fai...

Ancient life one of three possible explanations for Mars carbon find

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Ancient life on Mars is one of three possible explanations for the discovery of carbon on the Red Planet by NASA's Curiosity rover, study findsThe Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars' Gale Crater since August 6, ...

FTC, states investigating possible anticompetitive practices by Oculus

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FTC and multiple states investigating potential anti-competitive practices by Facebook-owned virtual reality headset maker OculusThe Oculus is owned by Meta, the new company name of Zuckerberg's Facebook and the worl...

consigliere della CIA: Gli Stati Uniti sono "più vicini alla guerra civile"’ di quanto si pensasse possibile

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Il consigliere della CIA ed esperto di conflitti stranieri ritiene che gli Stati Uniti siano "più vicini alla guerra civile di quanto chiunque vorrebbe credere" e afferma che l'America non è più una democrazia ma un'"anocrazia" accademico dell'Università della California, il dott..

300 ‘next genCovid jabs could make herd immunity possible

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Fino a 300 'next gen' Covid vaccines are in production that may make herd immunity possible again, UK health chiefs suggestGov virologist hopes that Covid jabs could one day prevent infection entirely Covid jabs reduc...

China launches possible ‘satellite-crushing weapon

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China launches possible 'satellite-crushing weapon' as President Xi calls on military to 'break new ground' in arms developmentChina launched Shijian 21 satellite into space Sunday aboard Long March rocket Beijing s...

L'attrice di Elvira rivela una possibile aggressione sessuale in un nuovo libro di memorie

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Il libro rivelatore della regina dell'orrore Elvira afferma di essere stata aggredita sessualmente dal grande NBA Wilt Chamberlain: 'Quando un 7 piedi-1, 300lb uomo ha la sua mano avvolta intorno al tuo collo, non c'è davvero molto che tu possa fare'Attrice Cass...

6 of RFK’s 11 children say Sirhan’s possible has them ‘devastated

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Kennedy family divided: Six of RFK's eleven children say they are 'devastated' by decision to grant parole to their father's killer Sirhan Sirhan, 77, after brothers RFK Jr. and Douglas BACKED himA California panel r...

Is mind-reading really possible?

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Is mind-reading really possible? sì, says Flic Everett, who’s had some ‘compelling’ experiences with telepathy herself. She explains how it could take human communication to the next level 'I’ve succeeded e...

Definitive guide to making everything you buy last as long as possible

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Freeze your cheese, keep herbs in a glass of water - but never put bread in the fridge! The definitive guide to making everything you buy last as long as possible Most of us think nothing of throwing out the crusts f...

CDC Director Walensky: it is ‘possibleCOVID escaped from Wuhan Lab

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CDC Director Dr. Walensky says it's 'possible' COVID could have leaked 'from a lab' while House Intel GOP publish report stating there is 'significant circumstantial evidence' virus escaped from WuhanRochelle Walensk...

giugno 21 unlocking still possible amid new data on Indian variant

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Glimmer of hope for Freedom Day: Indian variant may be LESS contagious than feared as scientists say the jabs are working - with ALL over-18s are to be offered the vaccine within a monthMinisters are quietly confiden...

I possibili omicidi di Delphi avevano una storia di violenza e alcolismo

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ESCLUSIVO: 'He's always been out to hurt people.' Brother of accused kidnapper linked as a possible suspect in 2017 Delphi murders reveals he once 'shoved his wife so hard he left an imprint of her body on the wall' ...

Bolivian influencer, boyfriend die ‘in possible murder-suicide

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Influencer and her boyfriend fall to their deaths from 12th-floor apartment in Bolivia 'in possible murder-suicide after neighbours heard arguing'Sarah Arauco and Dagner Rojas both died on impact after falling 12 sto...

Vets warn of a possible surge in potentially-fatal parvovirus in dogs

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Vets warn of a surge in potentially-fatal parvovirus in dogs after 45% of registered owners are found to not be keeping up with vital vaccinations amid lockdownVets warn there has been a 129% spike in parvovirus case...

Epidemiologist says ‘it’s possibleUS is nearing COVID herd immunity

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University of Alabama epidemiologist says it is 'possible' the US is nearing herd immunity as COVID infections drop 77% in six weeks - after Johns Hopkins professor claimed pandemic will be GONE by AprilSuzanne Judd,...