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L'amico di Christian, il proprietario del leone, elogia il lavoro sulla fauna selvatica dopo la morte

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"Ha combattuto instancabilmente per proteggere la fauna selvatica": L'amico che è apparso nel famoso video della defunta socialite di Chelsea che si è riunita con il leone che ha liberato in Kenya dopo averlo acquistato ad Harrods, rende omaggio al ambientalista Ch...

Lo chef stellato Michelin Raymond Blanc elogia "delizioso".’ cibo in scatola

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È difficile da digerire! Lo chef stellato Raymond Blanc elogia i cibi in scatola e surgelati "deliziosi" Chef acclamato Raymond Blanc, 72, ha elogiato il cibo in scatola e surgelato "delizioso". Blanc sta tentando di cucinare e...

Caroline Stanbury praises Dubai for allowing her to flaunt wealth

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'Britons are taught to hide their money': Multimillionaire socialite Caroline Stanbury praises expat life in Dubai for allowing her to flaunt her wealth while UK billionaires 'dress in M&S' and turn the lights off at...

Prince Charles praises Harry for his climate change campaigning

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Prince Charles praises Harry for his climate change campaigning in olive branch to his youngest son amid claims they have 'barely spoken for months' after Oprah interviewPrince Charles, 73, offered an olive branch to...

Kate Middleton praises ‘inspirationalpandemic heroes

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The decorating duchess! Kate Middleton adorns the Queen's Christmas trees with red ribbon bows as she prepares for her Westminster Abbey carol service in unseen photos - and says 'bleak time' in pandemic 'made us rea...

Trump praises ‘smart and sharpObama during tour with Bill O’Reilly

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'I liked Barack': Trump praises 'smart and sharp' Obama during tour with Bill O'Reilly where tickets went for up to $4,687 and where he said there was 'love in the air' at Jan 6 riotDonald Trump praised his predecess...

Minister praises Shell’s decision to quit North Sea oil field

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Scottish government minister says Shell's decision to quit controversial North Sea oil field which was set to create 1000 jobs is both 'welcome' and 'necessary' but also a 'challenge'Scottish Government minister cele...

Boris Johnson praises Pepper Pig World in bizarre CBI speech

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Boris Johnson praises Peppa Pig World, compares himself to MOSES, makes ENGINE noises, and says 'mother nature' doesn't like WFH in bizarre speech to business chiefs... then suffers an awkward silence as he loses his...

L'ex principessa del Lussemburgo elogia il "principe ispiratore Harry"

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L'ex principessa Tessy del Lussemburgo elogia il suo "buon amico ispiratore" il principe Harry per i suoi sforzi umanitari nell'aiutare i gruppi di minoranza L'ex principessa Tessy del Lussemburgo ha elogiato il principe Harry come "ispiratore"..

Pique praises Cavallo after Adelaide United star announces he is gay

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Gary Lineker and football’s biggest stars unite behind Josh Cavallo he became the first openly gay male pro in the WORLD - with Barcelona's Gerard Pique saying the Australian is ‘helping world of football move forwar...

Amazon customer praises driver for ‘hiding packages from husband

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'She understood the assignment!' Amazon customer shares footage of 'best driver ever' following instructions on her doormat to 'hide packages from husband'Security cam footage shows delivery driver walk up to home to...

Maggie Throup keeps a very low profile as fans sing her praises

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'Very quiet, comforting, non-political figure': Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup keeps a very low profile as fans sing her praises as someone widely liked with a reputation for 'getting on with the job'Tory MPs have v...

Lea Seydoux praises James Bond and hails him as a ‘feminist

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'We're not here only to please his sexuality': Lea Seydoux heaps praise onto 'feminist' Daniel Craig for helping to develop Bond's relationships with women in No Time To Die Lea Seydoux has praised Daniel Craig for h...

Boris Johnson praises ‘vitalUS democracy as he meets Pelosi

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Boris Johnson praises ‘vital’ US democracy as he meets Pelosi who shows him photo of her father watching Churchill addressing Congress in 1941 and trying to persuade US to join WWIIBritish Prime Minister Boris Johnso...

Boris Johnson takes swipe at Trump as he praises dealing with Biden

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‘It’s a breath of fresh air’: Boris Johnson takes swipe at Trump as he praises dealing with Joe Biden who shares his goal of reducing CO2 emissions and creating a green economyUK Prime Minister Johnson spoke with NBC...

Williams praises Osaka and Biles for opening up about mental health

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Venus Williams heaps praise on Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles for speaking openly about their mental health as she opens up about her own strugglesIn a new op-ed for the New York Times, Williams wrote how wonderful it ...