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Knifeman jailed for life after stabbing model to death over text prank

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Knifeman, 28, who stabbed male model to death on Valentine's Day because he was made to look 'foolish' in series of prank texts is jailed for life with minimum term of 23 yearsO'Neal Joseph stabbed Yannick Cupido, 24...

Woman is terrified by her sister’s hilarious peanut allergy prank

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Woman with a nut allergy SCREAMS in horror after her own sister told her she'd eaten peanuts - then used a face-warping filter to convince her she was having a reaction in cruel prankFatima, 22, and Anisa are influen...

Neighbor rushes to rescue dangling manonly to discover it’s a prank

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Dummy run! Neighbor dashes over to rescue man dangling from the guttering after a Christmas lights disaster - only to discover it’s a prankRich Ferguson, 51, set up the Christmas prank outside his home in Colorado Th...

Prank callers told Richard Okorogheye’s friend they had found his body

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Best friend, 18, of student Richard Okorogheye, 19, reveals trolls prank called her during the two weeks he was missing to claim they had seen him or his body... before he was found dead in Epping ForestHala Mohamad,...

Is this dissolvable swim trunks prank funny or just cruel?

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Tennessee man is left naked in the ocean after his family bought him a pair of DISSOLVABLE swim trunks for their beach trip - but commenters insist the prank is CRUEL, not funnyDara Roberts told her brother Seth that...

Noel Clarke told an accuser to ‘get your f**** out and peein prank

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Noel Clarke told one of his accusers to 'get your f**** out and pee' on his friend during prank that left her in tears Clip emerged of Noel Clarke, 45, and co-star pulling prank on Jahannah James Jason Maza pretends...

Wives prank men into wearing matching tops on night out

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Keep your shirt on! Moment husbands realize their wives have tricked them into wearing matching tops on a night outJessica Little and five friends bought their husbands exactly same shirt The couples from Flowery Br...

Iraq bans terror prank shows after outcry over staged ISIS kidnappings

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Iraq bans terror prank shows following outcry over TV program that staged ISIS kidnappings of celebrities and forced them to wear ‘suicide vests’TV show in Iraq sparked outcry over fake ISIS fighters 'kidnapping' cel...

Undertakers suspended after one leaps out of a body bag in prank

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Dead funny? Undertakers are suspended after one pranks colleague by leaping out of body bag to scare him out of his witsFootage shows workers from a London funeral director standing over a 'corpse' One of them begins...

Coastguard issues warning as children rescued after ‘idiotic’ scherzo

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'For a few seconds on social media, you risk losing your life': Coastguard issues a warning as children are rescued after 'idiotic' drowning prank goes wrong A girl who can't swim but willingly went into dock waters ...

Le foto disgustose del pranzo scolastico provocano indignazione al liceo del New Jersey

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Le foto disgustose del pranzo scolastico provocano indignazione al liceo del New Jersey! Gli studenti in età prescolare vengono presi in giro in modo esilarante da spiritose signore del pranzo - Gli studenti in età prescolare vengono presi in giro in modo esilarante da spiritose signore del pranzo, dalla Florida, Gli studenti in età prescolare vengono presi in giro in modo esilarante da spiritose signore del pranzo.

I capi dei vigili del fuoco mettono in guardia gli adolescenti dallo scherzo di Tiktok

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I vigili del fuoco avvertono gli adolescenti di non rischiare di rimanere intrappolati nelle altalene del parco dei più piccoli per la sfida TikTok dopo un'ondata di 12 salvataggi in un mese a Londra I vigili del fuoco di Londra hanno messo in guardia gli adolescenti contro un TikTok p ...

Mother falls victim to bizarre TikTok ‘beaning’ scherzo

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Mother falls victim to bizarre TikTok 'beaning' prank as she wakes up to find beans, spaghetti hoops and tomatoes smeared across her houseThe house was smeared with baked beans, spaghetti hoops and tinned tomatoes It...

Prank sees TV hosts celebrate serial killers wedding anniversary

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Breakfast TV blunder as presenters congratulate serial killers Fred and Rosemary West on their 'wedding anniversary' after being targeted by prankstersNew Zealand breakfast hosts were pranked by crafty viewers on Wed...

Parents prank their children to believe BIG FOOT is chasing them

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Abominable showman! Hilarious moment parents prank their children to believe they're being chased by BIG FOOT (but it's really Dad in a Halloween costume)Morgan Blue, 28, and her cousin Veronica White, 49, share a pl...

Mother’s prank on son backfires when she can’t wipe away doodles

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Mother is left mortified after drawing on her sleeping son's face and blaming it on a naughty elf - only to find she couldn't wipe away the doodles in time for schoolLynsey Lawrie, 39, was left red-faced after her pr...