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Comedian’s prank offer to DANCE with rebel MP kept John Major in No 10

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Rory Bremner reveals his telephone offer to DANCE with key Tory rebel Sir Richard Body while pretending to be John Major was crucial in keeping the Prime Minister in Number 10Rory Bremner impersonated the PM for an u...

Met Police’s 999 call handlers reveal the most annoying prank calls

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'Can I have some chicken nuggets please?': Met Police's 999 call handlers reveal the most annoying prank calls they received in 2020The Met's Contact Centre (MetCC) ricevuto 3,540,185 hoax 101 e 999 calls Prank ca...

Mother’s prank on son backfires when she can’t wipe away doodles

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Mother is left mortified after drawing on her sleeping son's face and blaming it on a naughty elf - only to find she couldn't wipe away the doodles in time for schoolLynsey Lawrie, 39, was left red-faced after her pr...

Prank sees TV hosts celebrate serial killers wedding anniversary

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Breakfast TV blunder as presenters congratulate serial killers Fred and Rosemary West on their 'wedding anniversary' after being targeted by prankstersNew Zealand breakfast hosts were pranked by crafty viewers on Wed...

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