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EMILY PRESCOTT: Pressure’s off for Lorraine

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EMILY PRESCOTT: 'Pressure was off' for Lorraine Kelly after male boss said she didn't make his 'trousers twitch' TV presenter Lorraine Kelly tells me she didn't feel insulted when a male boss said to her: 'You don't m...

EMILY PRESCOTT: James Blunt’s verdict on the Queue jumpers

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EMILY PRESCOTT: James Blunt's verdict on the Queue jumpers as he waited nine hours while Holly and Phil skipped it: You missed the whole point! Having served in Her Majesty's Armed forces – even guarding the Queen Mot...

EMILY PRESCOTT: Annie Cardone reveals relationship with Dodi Fayed

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EMILY PRESCOTT: Me, Dodi and Di... Ex-model Annie Cardone reveals she had a relationship with Dodi Fayed, 25 years after car crash which killed Dodi and Princess Diana Twenty-five years on from the car crash that kill...

EMILY PRESCOTT: Cara Delevingne sitting on a £42million fortune

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EMILY PRESCOTT: Cara Delevingne sitting on a £42million fortune which includes Cara & Co and Hot Mess As Britain's highest-paid supermodel, Cara Delevingne's wealth is as eye-popping as her colourful private life, wit...