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Tom Cruise impersonator kicked off Instagram ‘pretended to be someone

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Mission Impossible: Professional Tom Cruise impersonator is kicked off Instagram because PRETENDNG to be someone else violates sites rulesJerome LeBlanc, 33, built up his Tom Cruise lookalike business over 10 years H...

Grisham: Trump pretended to act tough with Putin for the cameras

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Putin brought 'attractive' translator to distract Trump during G20 meeting where he 'pretended to act tough for the cameras,' former WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham claims in new bookFormer White House press sec...

Jennifer Coolidge pretended to be TWINS to date two guys at once

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'I liked them both!' Jennifer Coolidge, 59, admits she once pretended to be a pair of identical TWINS so she could date two best friends at the same timeThe 59-year-old actress appeared on the Kelly Clarkson show las...