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PrettyLittleThing mocked for dress leaving little to the imagination

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'Where is the dress?' PrettyLittleThing is mocked for £11 tie-side, extreme split maxi frock, as shoppers joke they'd be 'arrested for indecent exposure' if they wore itPrettyLittleThing are advertising a 'string dre...

Mum discovers PrettyLittleThing onesie is MUCH tighter than it looks

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Mortified mother discovers £18 PrettyLittleThing onesie she ordered is so small it exposes her breasts - and jokes her teenage son would 'disown her' if she wore itLindsey Smith, 39, of Hampshire, ordered £18 grey on...

The PrettyLittleThing billionaire wives club!

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The PrettyLittleThing billionaire wives club! What Umar Kamani's model fiancée can expect as she joins his mother and sister-in-law as wealthy women of leisure - from private jet holidays to A-list palsPrettyLittleTh...

PrettyLittleThing founder Umar Kamani proposes to his model girlfriend

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EKSKLUSIEF: No wonder she said yes! PrettyLittleThing founder Umar Kamani proposes to his model girlfriend in private Monte Carlo Opera House decorated with more than 1,000 white roses and candlesEXCLUSIVE: Billionai...

EXC: Doja Cat’s sizzling PrettyLittleThing advert is BANNED by ASA

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EKSKLUSIEF: Doja Cat's sizzling PrettyLittleThing advert is BANNED by ASA for 'overly sexualised' content... with the unedited clip showing the star 'gyrating and going braless' Doja Cat's new advert for PrettyLittleT...

PrettyLittleThing shoppers baffled by asymmetrical unitard

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The cheek of it! PrettyLittleThing shoppers baffled by bizarre asymmetrical unitard which leaves one leg and buttock totally exposedTwitter users were left in stitches over a PrettyLittleThing asymmetrical unitard Sh...

PrettyLittleThing loods £ 16 hoodie met ingeboude gesigmasker

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PrettyLittleThing stel 'n hoodie bekend met 'n slim ingeboude gesigmasker - en dit kos net £ 16 PrettyLittleThing het 'n hoodie van stapel gestuur met 'n gesigmasker wat reeds daarin aangebring is Die Black Oversized Mask Hoodie - wat £ 16 is ...

PrettyLittleThing customer’s bikini arrives soiled with stains

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'I honestly feel sick!' PrettyLittleThing customer is left 'disgusted' after ordering £6 bikini bottoms which arrived soiled with yellow stainsEllie Johno, from Lincoln, 'felt sick' when she spotted marks on bikini c...