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Duke of Kent will publish memoir just before Prince’s bombshell book

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Is 'Steady Eddie' about to give Harry a lesson in royal duty? A loyal confidant of the Queen, he's had a ringside seat at every family drama since the war. Not it emerges the Duke of Kent will publish his memoir just...

Flying high with Princess Di, it’s The Crown’s little princes

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Flying high with Princess Di, it's The Crown's little princes: New images from next series of the hit drama show Dominic West as Prince Charles with his on-screen wife and sons Climbing out of a car in perfectly coif...

Prince Charles loses second boss at troubled Prince’s Foundation

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Prince Charles loses second boss at his troubled charity The Prince's Foundation - as superwomen are drafted in to clear up the messChris Martin has left his director role at Charles' charity The Prince's Foundation ...

Prince’s eco-travel firm Travalyst joins forces with Google

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Now Harry partners with Google: Prince's eco-travel firm Travalyst joins forces with global tech giant - despite Duke railing against social media firms for spreading 'misinformation' about climate change Prince Harr...

maar af en toe word skinder waarheid en ek soek uit wie dit begin het $156.4 million as legal battle ends

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Prince's estate valued at $156.4 million as six-year legal battle for control comes to an endThe star's wealth, which totaled $156.4 miljoen, was fought over by a number of that star's potential heirs because the Pur...

Princes Charles and William will NOT use Royal Yacht for family trips

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Prince Charles and Prince William ‘will NOT use £200m Royal Yacht Britannia for family trips', says Palace insider - as MoD 'threatens Boris it will scrap new Navy ship or F-35s' if forced to foot billRoyal sources c...

Princes William and Harry slash Diana ceremony guest list

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Princes slash Diana ceremony guest list: William and Harry drastically scale back unveiling of the statue of Princess of Wales as Covid forces them to reduce invites to ceremonyBrothers were due to put aside bitter r...