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Geestesgesondheid- en gebedsprogramme het van die ergste privaatheid

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Geestesgesondheid- en gebedsprogramme het van die ergste privaatheidsbeskermings, studie eise, vind hulle 'spoor, deel en kapitaliseer' op gebruikers se intieme gedagtes en gevoelens Verskeie geestesgesondheids- en bid-toepassings het sommige ...

Former minister John Whittingdale decries ‘privacy law by stealth

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Former minister John Whittingdale takes aim at 'privacy law by stealth' and says he has 'considerable reservations' about the way rules are being extendedWhittingdale has raised concerns that courts are 'extending pr...

Beeldmateriaal van Uighur-skiër se familie laat vrae ontstaan

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Beeldmateriaal van Uighur-skiër se familie laat vrae ontstaan - Beeldmateriaal van Uighur-skiër se familie laat vrae ontstaan.

Vow to stop un-British ‘driftto a privacy law

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Vow to stop un-British 'drift' to a privacy law as Dominic Raab eyes overhaul of Human Rights Act to 'correct' freedom of speech imbalanceDominic Raab said he wanted overhaul of Human Rights Act He wants to include ...

Gigi Hadid vra vir 'privaatheid'’ ná woord is sy en Zayn Malik uitmekaar

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Gigi Hadid verbreek haar stilte: Model vra vir 'privaatheid' aangesien daar beweer word dat sy en kêrel Zayn Malik 'nie saam is nie' - nadat die sangeres ontken het dat sy haar ma geslaan het, het Yolanda 'n verteenwoordiger vir die model gesê dat sy ...

Mark Zuckerburg will be added to data privacy lawsuit

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Mark Zuckerberg will be added to data privacy lawsuit that could expose him to potential financial penalties: Washington DC AG says he 'played much more active role in key decisions' than prosecutors knew about in Ca...

Plumber fears losing home after camera breached neighbour’s privacy

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'It's going to ruin my life': [object Window], 45, fears he will lose his £275,000 home after judge ruled his Ring doorbell camera breached his doctor neighbour's privacy leaving him facing paying her £100,000 in damagesJon ...

Tech group lodges complaint with EU over Google Privacy Sandbox

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Tech group lodges formal complaint with EU over Google's 'anti-competitive' Privacy Sandbox digital advertising systemMovement for an Open Web claims new ad system is hugely anti-competitive 'Privacy Sandbox' will be...

Privacy fears over the pub apps you use to order a pint

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Privacy fears over the pub apps you use to order a pint as it emerges many venues intend to continue using them even though Covid rule is liftedMany pubs and restaurants intend to continue to use apps that allow peop...

WhatsApp: Apple’s plan to scan for child abuse pics is privacy setback

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'A setback for people's privacy all over the world': WhatsApp joins avalanche of criticism of Apple's plan to scan iPhones for images of child abuse and send them to police after an employee checks themWhatsApp chief...

WhatsApp users have five days to accept a controversial privacy update

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WhatsApp users will have to accept a controversial privacy update this WEEK or risk losing access to the app's chat functionAll WhatsApp users have just five days to say they agree to a new policy update If they don...

Ivanka Trump toets spesiale privaatheidsglas vir haar Miami-balkon

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PRENTE EKSKLUSIEF: Onderdak gaan! Ivanka Trump bied 'n sportiewe show in tennisblankes aan terwyl sy 'n spesiale PRIVACY GLAS toets om die balkon van haar Miami-woonstel te beskerm. Ivanka is gesien toe sy werkers ontmoet het op ....

PIERS MORGAN: Meghan and Harry don’t want privacy

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PIERS MORGAN: Meghan and Harry's intimate baby bump photo proves they don't want privacy, they just want to control the media and use it to promote themselves when it suits them First, let me offer my sincere congrat...

Apple CEO defends privacy update and says Facebook ads ‘manipulate

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says targeted Facebook ads are 'manipulating' people as he's forced to defend privacy update in which Apple decides what's 'healthy' for you in battle with Mark ZuckerbergThe Apple CEO was forced t...

Israel’s jabs-for-data deal sparks privacy concerns

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Israel's jabs-for-data deal - which saw a world-beating vaccine roll-out in return for patient details - sparks privacy concernsIsrael agreed to hand over data about vaccinations in groups of the population Pfizer sa...

Vaccine passports could pose data privacy risks, dat hulle vanjaar na top-Europese bestemmings sal kan vlieg

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Vaccine passports could pose data privacy risks and create a 'two-tier society' based on who's had the jab, watchdog chief warns MPsInformation commissioner Elizabeth Denham told a committee of her c Schemes would h...

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