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[object Window]: Honour the dead of Ukraine’s pro-democracy protests

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Amid the fog of this weird war, a day to honour those who died in Ukraine pro-democracy protests also served as a tragic reminder of what Russia's brutal president can do, writes IAN BIRRELL The sun was shining as fa...

Pro-democracy Hong Kong news site shuts down after police raid

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Pro-democracy Hong Kong news site shuts down after police raid its offices and arrest senior staff in city's latest crackdown on free speechStand News was raided with six staff arrested with the site forced to shut d...

L'Apple Daily pro-democrazia di Hong Kong pubblicherà domani il documento finale

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Il quotidiano pro-democrazia di Hong Kong Apple Daily pubblicherà la sua ultima edizione giovedì dopo che i giornalisti sono stati arrestati e i beni congelati ai sensi della "legge sulla sicurezza nazionale" di Pechino. Il giornale smetterà di pubblicare online..

Hong Kong pro-democracy leader, 24, is jailed for another 10 mesi

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Hong Kong pro-democracy leader Joshua Wong, 24, is jailed for another 10 months for attending a candlelit vigil on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square in defiance of Beijing's orders24-year-old opposition leader mark...

Myanmar coup: Another pro-democracy protester is shot dead

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More blood on the streets of Myanmar: Another protester is shot dead amid increasingly brutal crackdown, while YouTube removes channels run by country's militaryMyanmar's security forces have launched a fresh crackdo...

Anarchy in Myanmar as junta supporters attack pro-democracy protesters

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Anarchy on the streets of Myanmar as supporters of newly-installed junta attack opponents while Facebook bans military government following coupViolence broke out in Yangon as military supporters clashed with opponen...