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Tory-LP soek 'professionele mediese ondersteuning'’ na betastende eise

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Tory-LP Chris Pincher sê hy soek 'professionele mediese ondersteuning', maar hoop om 'so gou moontlik' na sy pligte terug te keer nadat hy uit die party geskors is weens bewerings dat hy dronk mans by ledeklubCh..

Professional cleaner explains how to polish your shower screen

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Professional cleaner explains how she uses a microfibre cloth to polish her shower screen - and the results speak for themselvesProfessional cleaner leaves shower sparkling clean with two tools and a product Kacie fr...

Professional cleaner shares her secret for making an old oven look new

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Professional cleaner: This is my VERY simple secret for cleaning an old grimy oven and making it look brand newAustralian cleaner shares her secret to cleaning an old oven by steaming it Her oven cleaning method hea...

Professionele sneeuplankryer Marko Grilc sterf nadat hy sy kop geslaan het

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Sloweense professionele sneeuplankryer Marko Grilc, 38, dies after hitting his head on a rock in AustriaSnowboarder Marko Grilc, 38, has died after an accident at the Sölden ski resort He was not wearing a helmet when he...

'Dieselfde geslag’ moet streng verbied word, professionele danser sê

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Die term 'selfde geslag' is diskriminerend en moet streng verbied word, professionele danser sê 'n Vooraanstaande danser het 'n beroep op Strictly gedoen om die gebruik van die term 'selfde geslag' te verbied wanneer daar na paartjies verwys word, soos hy ...

Professionele skoonmakers deel uiteindelike skoonmaakgids en go-to-produkte

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Bekentenisse van 'n professionele skoonmaker: Kenners deel hul uiteindelike gids - insluitend hul gunsteling produkte van alle tye en hul geheime wenke en truuks Australiese professionele skoonmakers het hul beste aangebied ...

Professional cleaner shares her ‘no chemicaloven cleaning hack

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Professional cleaner shares her 'no chemical' oven cleaning hack that leaves it sparkling in MINUTESA professional cleaner has shared how to clean a filthy oven without chemicals Kacie from The Big Clean Co in Melbou...

Strictly Come Dancing ‘professional dancer refuses Covid vaccine

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Strictly Come Dancing 'is hit with ANOTHER Covid crisis as a third professional dancer refuses the vaccine despite being paired with a celebrity'Sources claimed the star has already been paired with a celebrity and i...

Streng in 'n krisis omdat twee professionele dansers Covid -jabs weier

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Daar word streng 'n krisis gelaat, aangesien twee professionele dansers Covid -jabs weier - laat ander deelnemers huiwerig om met hulle saam te gaan Paar is die enigste twee dansers wat uit die stryd is 18 wat nie ingeënt is nie BBC -base is ...

Strictly Come Dancing professional tests positive for Covid

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Strictly Come Dancing thrown into chaos as professional tests positive for Covid just DAYS before show launchA Strictly Come Dancing professional has tested positive for Covid just days before the premiere of the 202...

Ma, 58, word professionele Fortnite-speler

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Ma, 58, becomes professional Fortnite player after she took her 15-year-old son out of school so he could spend more hours practicing the game which has banked him £500,000Anne Fish, 58, was inspired to try Fortn...

Romeo Beckham turns professional after signing for Fort Lauderdale

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Soos pa, soos seun! Romeo Beckham follows in the footsteps of his dad David by signing a professional football contract with Inter Miami's reserve team Fort LauderdaleDavid Beckham's son Romeo turned professional ...

How a professional cleaner deep cleans her fridge

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GEOPENBAAR: How a professional cleaner deep cleans her fridge - and the tasks you must do daily, saam met haar man Risel Martinez gesien, and monthly to ensure it stays spotlessA professional cleaner from Melbourne revealed how to deep clean your frid...

Professional organiser reveals ultimate spring pantry guide

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Your spring pantry guide: Professional home organiser reveals how to transform your kitchen - and the items she ALWAYS purchases for clientsA professional home organiser has shared her top tips to transform your pant...

Tracey Cox reveals what it’s like to have sex with a professional

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What's it REALLY like to have sex with a professional? Tracey Cox quizzes porn stars, webcam girls, a dominatrix and their partners on everything from jealousy to just how good they are in bed!Tracey Cox has intervie...

Warning after ‘highly professionalfemale thieves steal watches

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Beware the 'Rolex Rippers': 'Highly professional' female thieves steal luxury watches from elderly men outside exclusive golf clubs during spate of 14 thefts in a yearThe duo are feared to have been behind 14 thefts ...

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