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Scheme to promote women in academia has been destroyed, professors say

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Trans campaign 'is sabotaging bid to help women lecturers': Flagship scheme to promote females in academia has been destroyed by activists, feminist professors sayAthena Swan charter was set up to help universities w...

Woke students are ‘bullying professors are top medical schools

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Professors at America's top medical schools are being bullied by woke students into apologizing for using 'transphobic' phrases like 'pregnant woman' and 'breastfeeding'One student at a University of California medic...

Boycotting Oxford professors benefit from imperialist funding

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Oxford dons refusing to tutor students at Oriel College in Cecil Rhodes statue row are accused of 'hypocrisy' after 'benefitting from imperialist funding'Staff are refusing to teach students until the controversial s...

Oxford professor’s mother dies from Covid days before vaccination

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Oxford University professor pays tribute to elderly mother who died from Covid just days before she was due to be vaccinated as she told medics to give her ventilator to someone elseProfessor Trisha Greenhalgh reveal...