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Rosamund Pike spring uit 'n reuse-videoskerm in Amazon Prime-promosie

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Gee hulle 'n groot hand! Karakters 'spring uit' van Piccadilly Circus-advertensiebord in spookagtige 3D-advertensie vir Amazon Prime-fantasieprogram The Wheel of TimeRosamund Pike speel in die nuwe Amazon Prime-program The Wheel of Time ...

Chest mate!! Anger as sport agrees breast enlargement company promo

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Chest mate!! Anger of female players as sport agrees promotion deal with a breast enlargement companyInternational Chess Federation (FIDE) under fire for Establishment Labs deal It is a company that produces and mark...

Matthew Perry worries Friends fans as he slurs words in reunion promo

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'Is Matthew Perry ok?': Friends fans share concerns after troubled star slurs his words in new promotion for highly-anticipated reunionPerry sat with he co-stars Jennifer Aniston , Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David S...

Bloomingdale’s cancels promo event with Chrissy Teigen

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Bloomingdale's cancels Chrissy: Promo event is called off at the last minute over 2011 tweet telling Courtney Stodden to kill herselfChrissy Teigen has had her cookware collection dropped by Macy's It comes as Teigen...

Homeowner makes hilarious promo video in bid to sell £425k London flat

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'Get a life. Get a pool': Huiseienaar, 40, struggling to flog his £425,000 London flat before the stamp duty holiday ends takes matters into his own hands with hilarious video about his outside poolSanderson Jones, 40,...

BMW causes controversy with ‘wokeand expletive-laden promo video

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'Marketing bull***t': BMW causes more controversy with latest 'woke' and expletive-laden promo video criticised for alienating older customersGerman car giant has faced yet more criticism for its latest video shared ...