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Betty White’s personal property to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills

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Betty White's personal property including jewelry, gowns, home furnishings, and awards to be auctioned off in Beverly Hills The late great Betty White's personal property - estimated to be worth around $2M - will be a...

FEMAIL reveals the Kardashian family’s EXPANSIVE property portfolio

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So how many homes DO the Kardashians actually have? As Kris Jenner confesses to FORGETTING she owned condo used only for storing Champagne and wrapping Christmas gifts, a look at the family's EXPANSIVE property portfo...

How can we protect our share of a property if we split up?

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I want to buy a property with my partner and we're not married, how can we protect our shares if we split up?You may lose out financially if you buy a house with a partner and later split up It is important to get you...

Property tycoon who bought £2.5m luxury flat sues over mystery noise

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Property tycoon who bought £2.5m luxury apartment sues for £1m in damages after being kept awake at night by 'unbearable' mystery noise 'like bubble wrap popping'Tycoon Nazirali Tejani, 70, is seeking more than £1mill...