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Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters march through cities in Germany

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Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters march through cities across Germany to demonstrate against strict Covid curbs and mandatory vaccinationsHundreds of protesters took to the streets of scores of German towns and ci...

Police fire tear gas as Kazakh protesters torch mayor’s office

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Police fire tear gas and stun grenades as thousands of Kazakh protesters torch mayor's office and government is forced to resign amid unprecedented demonstrations over fuel price hikesProtesters stormed the mayor's o...

Edward Colston statue toppled by BLM protesters is to go into storage

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Statue of slave trader Edward Colston which was toppled by BLM protesters in Bristol is being removed from public display and put into storageStatue was rolled into harbour during Black Lives Matter protest in June 2...

Protesters accuse BBC of ‘blaming Jewsin anti-Semitic attack report

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Hundreds of protesters accuse the BBC of 'blaming Jews' after report on anti-Semitic bus attack suggested it could have been sparked by 'anti-Muslim slurs' from the victimsSome 250 protestors were led by the Campaign...

Protesters chant ‘No to discriminationat anti- Covid-pass rally

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Protesters chant 'No to discrimination' on demonstration through London against plans for Covid-passes under Plan B restrictionsProtesters gathered in London to demonstrate against planned Covid-19 passes The passes ...

America is a tinderbox after teenager is cleared of gunning protesters

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America is a tinderbox and the whole thing will blow up if one more match is lit, activist warns after teenager is cleared of gunning down two BLM protestersAmerica braced for violent clashes after a teenager cleared...

British anti-vaccine passport protesters gather at Austrian embassy

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British anti-vaccine passport protesters gather outside Austrian embassy in London as anger at European Covid restrictions grows amid violent anti-lockdown disordersCrowds have gathered outside the embassy in London ...

‘Freedom protestersstorm the streets of major Australian cities

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Insane photos show tens of thousands of 'freedom protesters' storming the streets of 13 Australian cities to oppose Covid-19 vaccine mandates as riot squad police brace for violenceMass anti-vaccination demonstration...

Dolore e sfida a Mohammed Rafiq: Il padre di Azeem si unisce ai manifestanti

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Il dolore e la sfida di Mohammed Rafiq: L'anziano padre di Azeem si unisce ai manifestanti fuori Headingley in mezzo allo scandalo razzista che ha travolto lo Yorkshire County Cricket ClubUna tempesta di razzismo ha travolto lo Yorkshire CCC dopo le accuse o...

Trump will be deposed TODAY in lawsuit from Mexican protesters

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Trump to give a deposition TODAY in lawsuit from Mexican protesters who claim they were beaten by his security detail during a 2015 march outside Trump TowerDonald Trump was ordered by a Bronx judge to appear for a v...

Homeless man hits back at anti-vax protesters saying he is vaccinated

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'Because I'm vaccinated!': Moment man pushing his trolley hits back at anti-vax protesters questioning why no homeless people are 'dead in the street with Covid'Video shows anti-vax protest on Hollywood Boulevard, Lo...

Boris Johnson minaccia "sconsiderato"’ manifestanti con multe salate e carcere

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"Chiuderò gli attivisti": Boris Johnson minaccia i manifestanti "sconsiderati ed egoisti" che hanno portato il caos sulle autostrade britanniche con multe salate e il carcere per difendere la "maggioranza rispettosa della legge" le cui vite sono sconvolte..

Protesters gather outside Old Bailey as Wayne Couzens is sentenced

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Angry protesters gather outside Old Bailey as killer cop Wayne Couzens is sentenced for Sarah Everard's murder – as Cressida Dick faces fury over why he was working despite being accused of indecent exposureFeminist ...

Anti-vax protesters ambush cops in violent Melbourne protest

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Anti-vax protesters ambush cops and smash police cars in violent Melbourne protest before taking over major bridge - after worker took his life at construction site following Covid shutdownViolent scenes at union hea...

Hundreds of anti-vax protesters against NY’s vaccine mandate

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Hundreds of anti-vaccine passport protesters - including POLE DANCER - take to Times Square to condemn New York's COVID vaccine mandate - with one woman likening rules to persecution suffered by Jews in Nazi GermanyO...

Huge crowd of ‘BLMprotesters gather outside NYC’s The Met

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Breaking news: Huge crowd of 'BLM' protesters gather outside NYC's The Met just as fashion's biggest night kicks off at the galaMultiple arrest have been made as dozens of police clashed with the BLM protesters outsi...