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Hope in ground zero: Cases in Omicron-hit S. Africa province FALLING

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More hope from ground zero: Cases in Omicron-stricken South African province are FALLING despite huge increase in testing, official data shows as ex-Government adviser says strain is just like the fluThere were 377 c ...

Province where Omicron was detected sees surge in hospitalizations

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South Africa province where the Omicron COVID-19 variant was first detected sees 330% surge in hospitalizations in the past two weeksHospitalizations in Gauteng, Suid-Afrika, toegeneem het met 330% over the past two...

Taliban ‘cuts off communicationsto Afghan rebel province

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Taliban 'cuts off communications' and 'sends hundreds of fighters' to Afghan province to battle resistance forces holding out against the militantsResidents say Taliban have cut off phone and internet connections to ...