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Putin ‘vanishes to his secret forest palaceamid anti-war demos

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Panicking Putin 'vanishes to his secret forest palace with its own personal beauty parlour' amid anti-war demos in MoscowPutin has escaped to his secret 'palace' on Lake Valdai- about halway between Moscow and St Pete...

Russian reservists will ‘suffer horriblyin Ukraine after Putin order

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Russian reservists will 'suffer horribly' in Ukraine after Vladimir Putin's mobilisation order, warns Armed Forces minister James Heappey - while Boris Johnson tells Russian President his countrymen 'have no desire to...

Putin ‘paves the way for 1million Russian to be drafted

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'Please come back, Papa': Russian child sobs uncontrollably as her conscript father boards a bus to join Ukraine invasion amid claims Putin has 'paved the way to mobilise 1MILLION men with secret order'The men close t...

Liz Truss issues defiant riposte after Putin warns West of Armageddon

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We won't be cowed by Vladimir Putin's nuclear threats: Liz Truss issues defiant riposte after desperate Russian leader warns West of Armageddon if he's thwarted over Ukraine invasionTruss and Biden denounce Putin afte...

How the Russian media finally became critical of Vladimir Putin

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The Russian revolution will be televised: How Putin's TV mouthpieces openly daring to criticise their once-infallible leader is a sign Vladimir's power could be fading On Saturday September 10, the streets of the Russ...

Putin wants to end the war ‘as soon as possiblesays Turkey’s Erdogan

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Putin wants to end the war 'as soon as possible' with Russia's situation now 'problematic' says Turkey's Erdogan as former FSB colonel warns further military defeats will 'finish off' Kremlin leaderThe Turkish leader ...

Truss says soaring energy bills ‘price worth payingto combat Putin

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Liz Truss insists soaring energy bills are 'a price worth paying' to combat Putin: PM delivers tough message on New York trip as she vows to push ahead with mini-Budget cutting tax on firms and axing City bonus cap to...

Putin ‘should have nuked Queen’s FUNERAL’, Russian propagandist says

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Putin 'should have nuked Queen's FUNERAL' because so many Western leaders were there, Russian TV military pundit declaresOlga Skabeyeva said Russia should have nuked the Queen's funeral yesterday Putin's 'Iron Doll' s...