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'Vesels van Madeleine McCann se slaapklere in hoofverdagte se bussie gevind’

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'Fibres from Madeleine McCann's pyjamas were found in prime suspect Christian Brueckner's campervan': Bombshell claim as detective leading hunt appears on Portuguese TV 15 years after the toddler vanishedThe revelati...

Police search for two missing schoolgirls last seen in their pyjamas

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Urgent search launched for two missing schoolgirls, 14, who were last seen in their pyjamas, as police say they are ‘increasingly concerned for their welfare’The pair were last seen in the car park of Ross-on-Wye Com...

US hacker ‘in his pyjamastakes down North Korea’s internet

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US hacker 'in his pyjamas' takes down North Korea's internet in revenge for cyber attack carried out against him by PyongyangThe hacker, who has been named only as P4x, launched repeated DDoS attacks Such attacks ove...

Why lush silk pyjamas are the perfect way to stay in and dress up

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Lush silk pyjamas are the perfect way to stay in and dress up this winter... but can you really give them a machine-wash?Alexandra Shulman says you can dress up to stay in silk pyjamas this January Trend has been spo...

Shoppers call this £24 fleece set the ‘most comfortable pyjamas ever

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Shoppers say these 'so so toasty' fleece top and bottoms are the 'most comfortable pyjamas ever' - and the set costs just £23.99 Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping ...

Julia Roberts drinks coffee in her pyjamas during Sydney quarantine

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Makeup-free Julia Roberts, 53, enjoys an early morning coffee in her pyjamas as she begins her 14-day quarantine in Sydney in a $56.9million mansion Julia Roberts is settling into quarantine life after jetting into A...

The Femail Face-off: Should you wear pants with your pyjamas?

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The Femail Face-off: Hotly debated on Woman’s Hour, now it’s got the nation’s knickers in a twist... Should you wear pants with your pyjamas?Whether we should continue working from home is debated in a Femail face-of...

CRAIG BRUIN: Dolly has gone bananas in her pyjamas!

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CRAIG BRUIN: Dolly has gone bananas in her pyjamas! Above a picture of Dolly Parton in The New York Times came the headline: Dolly Parton Likes To Read By The Fire In Her Pajamas. When I first read this, I took it t...