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POS OP SONDAGKOMMENTAAR: The Tories need a new leader quickly

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POS OP SONDAGKOMMENTAAR: The self-harming Tories need to appoint a new leader quickly We now face a Conservative leadership contest that should not even be happening. Tory MPs have taken a great national party through...

School shooting victim ‘could have survived if police acted quickly

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Mom of Texas school massacre victim is told her daughter could have lived after being shot through the back but she bled out in the 40 minutes it took for cops to storm classroom - as DOJ launches probe into police r...

Chelsea bidder Seb Coe warns club must sort a takeover quickly

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'There's a vacuum here - if we're not careful - which is going to impact on the players': Chelsea bidder Seb Coe warns the club must sort a takeover quickly, with the Blues at risk of not being able to compete in the...

Finland and Sweden will be welcomed into NATO quickly with ‘open arms

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Finland and Sweden will be welcomed into NATO with ‘open arms’ and will be able to join rapidly if they ask for membership, alliance chief Jens Stoltenberg saysJens Stoltenberg said the two neutral countries would me...

Best savings accounts: How top rates are pulled quickly

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Rise of the 'blink and you'll miss it' savings deals: Challengers pull the plug on top rates fast as they struggle to sustain them in the spotlightSince the start of 2022 various easy-access, Isa and fixed rate deals...

Mum-of-two reveals how to quickly banish cooking odour

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Sick of cooking odours lingering in your kitchen? This is how to banish stubborn smells FAST using three common ingredientsMelbourne mum-of-two Chantel Mila has shared how to banish cooking odour In a TikTok video s...

Duimgrootte toestel snuif vinnig uit’ slegte asem

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Gooi die muntstukke af! Duimgrootte 'snuif'-sensor kan opspoor of u SLEGTE ASEM het deur te kyk of dit waterstofsulfied in u uitgeasemde lug het Die prototipe-toestel van die Suid-Koreaanse span ontdek waterstofsulfied op die asem Hydroge ...