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French presidential hopeful Zemmour guilty of provoking racial hatred

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Far-right French presidential hopeful Eric Zemmour, 63, who waved a gun at reporters and is expecting a love child with his 28-year-old PA is found guilty of provoking racial hatred by calling migrants 'thieves, rapi...

Un lavoratore comunale perde il caso di discriminazione razziale

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Operaio di private equity con £ 81.000 all'anno che si è lamentato dei colleghi che si "annerivano" come Whoopi Goldberg in Sister Act alla festa di Natale in ufficio e ha affermato di essere stata vittimizzata quando è stata licenziata e ha perso la discriminazione razziale..

Il giudice della Louisiana viene preso di mira dopo aver vomitato insulti razzisti in video

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'è un negro, come uno scarafaggio': Il giudice della Louisiana chiede "perdono" dopo che il video cattura l'uso della parola n dopo l'irruzione da parte di un ladro neroGiudice repubblicana della Louisiana Michelle Odinet, 52, ha chiesto 'perdono' ...

Kardashian doppelganger is called out for using racial slurs

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British-Pakistani influencer who rose to fame for looking like Kylie Jenner launches tirade of racial slurs against another Pakistani woman who insulted her mother - and tells her to 'go back to her s*** country'Duba...

Jesy Nelson "devastata"’ Leigh-Anne Pinnock ha scatenato l'odio razziale

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ESCLUSIVO 'Non può credere che qualcuno che una volta chiamava famiglia potesse essere così crudele': Jesy Nelson ha "devastato" l'ex compagna di band Leigh-Anne Pinnock ha scatenato l'odio razziale e una "nuova ondata di trolling intenso" contro di lei Jesy ...

Social media firms ‘must do betterto eliminate racial abuse

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Facebook, Instagram and Twitter 'must do better' to eliminate racial abuse and regulation must be improved following attacks on footballers, Ofcom chief saysMelanie Dawes will say that social media firms 'must do bet...

Man gets ‘racial hatredpolice record for whistling Bob The Builder

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Man gets ‘racial hatred’ police record - for whistling the Bob The Builder theme tune at his neighbourOfficers in Bedfordshire recorded the incident as a non-crime hate incident Few other details about the ‘crime’ ar...

Probe into Portsmouth academy players‘racial abuseof England stars

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Portsmouth FC launches investigation after academy players allegedly racially abused England stars in group chat leaked on social mediaScreenshot shows 'discriminatory' comments apparently made by youth players Messa...

NJ man who hurled racial slurs at black neighbor hit with new charges

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New Jersey man who racially abused and spat at black neighbor is hit with new weapons and drug charges after cops executed search warrant at his home and found magic mushrooms and slingshotEdward Mathews, 45, charged...

Britbox puts ‘offensive racial stereotypingwarning on Desmond’s

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Britbox puts 'offensive racial stereotyping' warning on pioneering sitcom Desmond's even though it had largely black cast and was created by black writersBBC and ITV service placed warning on one episode called 'Hell...

NJ man charged for yelling racial slurs and spitting on black neighbor

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New Jersey man is charged with harassment for yelling racial slurs and spitting on his black neighbor as crowd of 100 protesters gather outside his homeEdward Cagney Mathews, 45, had been reported to the police many ...

A charity that’s lost its humanity: Oxfam introduces racial survey

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A charity that's lost its humanity: In a farcical move, Oxfam is imposing a divisive racial survey on its British staff - even though it covered up appalling sex crimes. Is there a more damning indictment, asks DOMIN...

Billie Eilish under fire for ‘using racial slurs and mocking accents

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'This is so f***ed up!' Billie Eilish comes under fire for 'mocking Asian accents' and saying 'ch*nk' in resurfaced videosThe singer is accused of mimicking an Asian accent and using the word 'ch*nk' in undated TikTo...

Shocking moment black man hurls racial slurs at Asian NYPD officer

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'You're not even from this country, you ch**k!' Shocking moment man hurls slurs at Asian NYPD officer before yelling 'black people can't be racist'Video recorded over the weekend shows black man yell ethnic slurs and...

Ted Cruz fires back against MSNBC’s Joy Reid ‘racial slur

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'Why is MSNBC ok with hosts using racial slurs?': Ted Cruz slams Joy Reid for calling him Stephen from 'Django Unchained' in debate on voting right billCruz railed against Reid on Tuesday, tweeting that her 'arrogant...

The Good Life ‘is given a viewer warning for offensive racial imagery

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The Good Life 'is given a viewer warning for offensive racial imagery after an episode featured the now-banned badge for Robertson's jam' A viewer discretion warning has reportedly been given to BritBox's re-running ...