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Labour suspends Angela Rayner’s aide amid ‘rising hostilities

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Labour suspends Angela Rayner's aide amid 'rising hostilities between the deputy leader and Keir Starmer'Jack McKenna is under investigation on suspicion of a 'personal data breach' Claims he briefed press about pot...

Angela Rayner’s speech is overshadowed by surprise party cull

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Labour's reshuffle shambles: Angela Rayner's speech is overshadowed by surprise cull as Keir Starmer promotes Yvette Cooper, David Lammy... and even Emily ThornberryA Labour Party reshuffle last night saw leader Sir ...

Don’t look back in anger! Rayner’s karaoke show after ‘Tory scum’ ry

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'I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you': Keir Starmer's deputy Angela Rayner belts out the Proclaimers' 500 Miles with Labour leadership pretender Andy Burnham for karaoke hits at late night bash after 'Tory s...

HENRY DEEDES: Angela Rayner’s attacks were as subtle as a blunderbuss

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HENRY DEEDES: Single-handedly resurrecting the class war, Angela Rayner's attacks on Raab were as subtle as a blunderbuss Blimey, they weren’t joking about the ’70s being back, were they? Fuel shortages, threatened b...