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Extinction Rebellion activists are CLEARED of obstructing railway

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Now jury unanimously CLEARS three Extinction Rebellion activists of obstructing railway in rush hour stunt after claiming their 'Christian faith and fears for their grandchildren' justified their actionsPhilip Kingst...

Extinction Rebellion activists holding secret meetings in a car park

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GEOPENBAAR: Extinction Rebellion activists are holding secret nighttime meetings in a Cambridge car park to prepare for protests that will grind Britain to a haltEXCLUSIVE: Extinction Rebellion campaigners are holding ...

Tory backbench chiefs ALL join rebellion against Boris

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Tory backbench chiefs ALL join rebellion against Boris – as 1922 Committee leader says he will accept EMAILS of no confidence in the PM over Christmas meaning no let-up in pressure on him if party loses today's North...

Extinction Rebellion target Black Friday by blocking Amazon

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Now eco mob target Black Friday: XR activists lock themselves to bamboo towers and scaffolding as they block 13 Amazon warehouses across the UKPictures showed activists in bamboo towers outside warehouses, preventing...

Extinction Rebellion activist strips off at Downing Street

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Isn't she supposed to be on hunger strike? Topless Extinction Rebellion activist, 31, strips off at Downing Street in a bid to 'save the planet'Laura Amherst, 31, protested outside of No 10 wearing only socks and tra...

Extinction Rebellion activist goes on hunger strike

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Topless Extinction Rebellion activist, 31, goes on hunger strike until Boris Johnson 'addresses her group's demands on climate change'Laura Amherst, 31, told followers she was planning to go on a hunger strike Mum-of...

Extinction Rebellion blockade oil base in Scotland with 13ft oil rig

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Extinction Rebellion activists blockade oil base in Scotland by erecting 13ft oil rig prop outside entrance and chaining themselves to barrelsInvergordon Service Base of the Cromarty Firth Port Authority targeted tod...

Grandmother who staged one-woman Extinction Rebellion stunt is let off

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Ouma, 58, who staged one-woman eco-protest as part of Extinction Rebellion stunt is let off by judge... because she was upholding her human rights of expressionFiona Prior, 58, blocked one of the busiest roads...

Snelweg na die hel: Rebellie breek uit oor slim snelweë

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Snelweg na die hel: Rebellie breek uit oor slim snelweë terwyl paaiehoof probeer om 'n 'doodstrik' stelsel te ondersoek.. maar werknemer slaan terug Rebellie by National Highways het uitgebreek oor ondersoek in slim ...

Extinction Rebellion strike rush hour in Munich

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Extinction Rebellion strike rush hour in Munich: Climate activists gridlock motorways as they dangle from overpasses in protest against the world's largest motor show - despite auto bosses putting electric vehicles a...

Extinction Rebellion FINALLY wraps up two-week protest chaos

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Police slam Extinction Rebellion protesters sitting in the middle of roads in central London - as mob FINALLY wraps up two-week protest chaos after more than 500 arrestsLondon was brought to a standstill today as Ext...

Polisie in hegtenis geneem 500 Extinction Rebellion protestors and remove 81 gluers

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Byna 2,000 police have been needed every day to deal with Extinction Rebellion's two-week campaign of chaos across London as nearly 500 have been arrested and 81 unglued from structuresPolice said they were hoping ...

Student, 31, word WEER tydens die protesoptrede teen Extinction Rebellion WEERLOOS toploos

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Ons kry die boodskap! Student, 31, gaan weer TOPLOS terwyl die protes teen Extinction Rebellion vir 'n tweede week chaos in Londen veroorsaakLaura Amherst is verlede week gesien hoe hulle in Oxford Circus toploos dans om aandag te vestig op die ...

Betogers van Animal Rebellion sluit by die bamboesstruktuur by die melkplant aan

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Klimaataktiviste blokkeer die fabriek van Arla: Vyftig Animal Rebellion-betogers sluit hulself vas aan bamboesstruktuur en betonversperrings buite die grootste melkaanleg in die Verenigde Koninkryk Animal Rebellion wil hê Arla moet oorgaan na plant-..

Extinction Rebellion co-founder’s neighbours moan about her garden

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Extinction Rebellion co-founder Gail Bradbrook's neighbours moan about her 'eye sore' garden and call her a 'hypocrite' for driving DIESEL car with her green credentials onDr Gail Bradbrook, 49, has overseen protests...

Now Extinction Rebellion target BUCKINGHAM PALACE

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Now Extinction Rebellion target BUCKINGHAM PALACE: Protesters waving 'royal blood bath' signs smear paint on statue of Queen Victoria and dye water red - before police FINALLY move in Extinction Rebellion yobs wavin...

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