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Premi SAG 2022 VINCITORI: Thespians recognized in TV and film

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Premi SAG 2022 VINCITORI: Jessica Chastain UPSETS favorite Nicole Kidman as she earns Female Actor in a Leading Role for The Eyes Of Tammy FayeJung Ho-yeon and Lee Jung-Jae earned Outstanding Performance by a Female a...

Teen mugging suspect turned in by mom who recognized him in video

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Teen suspect who 'knocked over an elderly woman while trying to steal her purse' is turned in by his MOM who recognized him in video stills and told cops she 'did not raise him like that'Police in St Paul, Minnesota ...

Mom makes Elf on Shelf HANDICAPPED so sick daughter feels recognized

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Mother of two-year-old girl with spinal muscular atrophy makes her an Elf on the Shelf with the same disability - complete with wheelchair and feeding tube - to help her feel more acceptedSamantha Lackey wanted her t...