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Woman goes through relative’s bins to take plastic she isn’t recycling

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Eco-warrior is branded 'insufferable and sanctimonious' for saying she feels sad that her mother-in-law wraps gifts in glitter paper - and admits she goes through her bin to fish out things she's not recycledA Mumsne...

Tesco rolls out ‘soft plasticrecycling points to all larger stores

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Tesco rolls out 'soft plastic' recycling points for bread bags, pet food pouches and crisp packets to all larger storesThe supermarket has made the move after a successful trial of recycling points Tesco said 85% van ...

Londoners fume at £12.50 charge to visit recycling centre due to ULEZ

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So much for saving the planet, Getrou! London drivers blast Mayor over new ULEZ scheme forcing them to travel an extra FIVE MILES to avoid £12.50 fee to visit their local recycling centreRichmond residents say Townmea...

Baby girl found dead at recycling centre had suffered head injury

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Baby girl found dead at recycling centre during lockdown had suffered head injury, police reveal as search for her parents continues two years after tragic discoveryDetectives also disclosed that Baby S was born aliv...

Firefighters tackle huge blaze at a Wiltshire recycling plant

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Firefighters tackle huge blaze at a Wiltshire recycling plant after mountain of rubbish caught fireFire erupted late on Wednesday evening at recycling plant in the village of Stert Nearby residents have been told to ...

Waste recycling workers drowned in a tanker of PIG feed, hof verhoor

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Waste recycling workers who drowned in a tanker of semi-liquid PIG feed died due to firm’s ‘reckless disregard’ for employees’ safety, court hearsNathan Walker, 19, and Gavin Rawson, 35, drowned after falling in pig ...

Newborn Baby S found dead at recycling depot laid to rest by STRANGERS

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Tragic newborn Baby S is laid to rest by STRANGERS two years after her body was found dumped in a recycling plant sparking failed hunt for mother'Baby S' was found dead at the depot near Ipswich during lockdown in Ma...