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Biden and Harris redfaced after tweets defending Smollett resurface

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Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and a host of other liberal stars are lashed for supporting Jussie Smollett in wake of 2019 'racist and homophobic attack' he has now been convicted of fakingJussie Smollett's attack trial sh...

A red-faced macaque is amazed by visitor’s magic trick at zoo in Tokyo

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Stop monkeying around! Macaque is amazed by zoo visitor's magic trick in hilarious footageThe primate appears to enjoy a private magic show from a visitor to Kyoto zoo After showing the red-faced macaque a tantalisi...

Boy left red-faced after snap of him covered in sudocrem goes viral

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Seuntjie, 12, is left red-faced after his mother's throwback snap of him COVERED in Sudocrem as a toddler goes viral 10 years onSophie, 42, from Devon caught her then two-year-old son Sidney smothering himself in a pot of...

Man left red-faced after accidentally posing for bondage bed advert

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She'll be going in the stocks! Man left red-faced after his sister tricked him into posing for a bondage bed advert that's gone viral on FacebookJohn Lower, 39, from Wallasey, Merseyside, agreed to build £700 'stocks...

Woman red-faced after confusing aircraft carrier with monarch

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SNP supporter is left red-faced when she demands to know why HMS Queen Elizabeth is allowed to visit Scotland - only to be told it is the aircraft carrier, not the monarchTwitter user Kerry Newton confused Police's m...