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Furloughed workers reveal redundancy fears as bailout scheme ends

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'It's really stressful...I feel forgotten about': Furloughed workers reveal fears as Covid bailout scheme finally comes to end after 19 months despite warnings up to a million are still reliant on handoutsMinisters a...

Grandfather ‘forcedto sell family home after ‘unlawfulredundancy

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Business manager, 72, wins £42,000 in unfair dismissal claim after his boss asked if he liked his new company car - before he was sacked and told to give it backGeorge Dolby, 73, won £42,000 after legal battle with e...

Academic loses claim man who spurned her had a role in her redundancy

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University academic loses tribunal claim that head of department who spurned her repeated advances for a romantic relationship played a part in her losing her jobRuxandra Anghel and Dr David Westley dated briefly but...