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Mother has chunk of head removed after falling from third-floor window

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Mother has a large chunk of her head removed after she fell out of a third-floor window and miraculously SURVIVEDAndrea Golda, 52, fell 23ft from a window while on holiday in the Czech Republic The teacher from Austr...

Farewell to ‘Essex girl’: Phrase will be REMOVED from the dictionary

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Farewell to the 'Essex girl': Phrase will be REMOVED from the dictionary after campaigners said definition invokes 'offensive' stereotype about women who are 'very willing to have sex'Campaigners have successfully ha...

I poliziotti hanno sparato al ragazzo, 17, indietro, proiettili rimossi a mano, reclami di querela

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Cops 'shot a boy, 17, twice in the back then removed the bullets by hand' during California George Floyd unrest, lawsuit claimsThe shooting happened in June during the unrest after George Floyd's murder The lawsuit c...

Cucciolo di leone ha gli occhi rimossi dopo essere stato contrabbandato in tutta la Russia in una scatola

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Il cucciolo di leone è costretto a rimuovere entrambi gli occhi dopo essere stato contrabbandato 1,200 miles by bus across Russia in a tiny wooden box without food or waterCub, chiamato Grom, was discovered in luggage compartment of bus in summer An...

Dentists outraged at 33,000 children having teeth surgically removed

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Britain's rotten teeth boroughs! The towns and cities with the WORST dental decay in childrenMore than 33,000 children had their decayed teeth surgically removed last year as a result of a lack of brushing, poor diet...

The Bad Skin Clinic: Woman has ‘kidney-shapedkeloid removed from ear

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La donna viaggia 6, 000 miles to have the two-year-old 'gunky and gooey kidney-shaped’ keloid removed from behind her left ear in The Bad Skin ClinicJenny, from Caribbean island of St. Martin, has 'kidney-shaped’ keloid...

Teacher had limbs removed after catching pneumonia and sepsis

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Insegnante, 58, has her hands and feet removed after catching pneumonia and sepsis while in hospital with Covid - and tells of harrowing moment medics broke the grim news Caroline Coster, 58, dal Bedfordshire, was plac...

Man had his nose and top lip removed to look like a ‘black alien

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Completely tattooed man who wants to become a 'black alien' has had his nose and top lip removed alongside other bizarre 'modifications'… and now struggles to speakAnthony Loffredo, 32, has already covered his body i...

Man gets ‘painful softball-sizedlumps removed by Dr Pimple Popper

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Man who tried to pop his own painful softball-sized back and neck cysts with cactus thorns finally has them removed by Dr Pimple PopperJuan, 32, from South Texas, has lived with enormous lumps on back of his neck Tol...

Rambo il gatto ha rimosso gli occhi dopo essere scomparso per un mese

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Essere all'altezza del suo nome! Rambo il gatto scomparso per un mese torna con un occhio ferito che deve essere rimosso dopo aver litigato, quattro, è stato adottato a giugno da un centro di soccorso e ha un combattimento h ...

Woman who sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue finally has it removed

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'Ma sono contento che abbia reso felici così tanti di voi e vi abbia fatto ridere ragazzi! mostrando come spreme la colla sulla parte superiore dei capelli finti per fissare l'estremità del nodo mantenendolo in posizione, 40, who sprayed her hair with Gorilla Glue FINALLY has the adhesive removed by a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon during four-hour-long $12,500 procedureTessica Brown, from Violet, Louisi...

Man has 23 bizarre shaped lipomas removed on The Bad Skin Clinic

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Man who suffered years of anxiety over 23 'gooey' blackberry and shamrock-shaped lipomas all over his body finally has them removed on The Bad Skin ClinicDave, dal Regno Unito, ha 23 'blackberry' shaped lipomas all over...

Alligator who ate a shoe has it removed by vets

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Humans not included: Disappointed alligator who ate a shoe that fell from man riding a zip line at animal park has it removed by vetsA 10.5-foot Nile crocodile ate a shoe that fell from a man riding a zip line The r...

Dr Pimple Popper: Donna con "terzo capezzolo’ il lipoma lo ha rimosso

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Film extra che dice di essersi persa dei ruoli a causa del lipoma sulla fronte che sembra un `` terzo capezzolo '', finalmente l'ha rimosso dal dottor Pimple PopperFelicia, 47, dagli Stati Uniti, aveva sopportato un nodulo sulla fronte per ...

Lasers removed stains on fresco in Pompeii’s House of the Ceii

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Pompeii's fresco returns to its former glory! Scientists use lasers to remove stains on stunning 2,000-year-old painting of a hunting scene in the garden of the House of the CeiiThe fresco depicts ornate hunting scen...

Officials removed names of three men included in Khashoggi report

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US intelligence officials quietly removed the names of three men from Khashoggi report listed as being 'complicit' in his deathThe declassified report made news after it found that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, stava guidando un pick-up che ha colpito l'autobus della squadra di golf della USW.