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CNBC -verslaggewer wat deur die Kremlin daarvan beskuldig word dat hy Poetin probeer aflei, lag

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CNBC reporter accused of inappropriate flirting with Vladimir Putin by Russian state TV shares cake her friends made her with president's face on it as she laughs-off criticismCNBC's Hadley Gamble was moderating a se...

Waarom het die BBC -verslaggewer dit minder gemaak’ Parlementêre moordverdagte se oorsprong?

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Waarom het die BBC -verslaggewer Dominic Casciani die Tory -parlementslid van die moordverdagter 'afgemaak' as 'n Somaliese oorsprong??Dit blyk dat die korrespondent van binnelandse sake met die probleem op Radio 4's Today worstel Gevra of hy van Somaliese herkoms was..

Georgia reporter calls out drunk football fans during live broadcast

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Georgia TV sports reporter divides opinion after calling out drunk football fans for 'violating her space' during live broadcast in tunnel full of exiting crowdsWTOC reporter Lyndsey Gough shared a video after the Ge...

Voormalige BBC -verslaggewer gee verklaring oor beweerde seksuele aanranding

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Voormalige BBC -verslaggewer wat beweer dat sy seksueel aangerand is deur die baas van die modelagentskap Gerald Marie, terwyl sy onder die dekmantel vir die Donal McIntyre -vertoning gewerk het 1998 gee verklaring aan die Franse polisie, Lisa Brinkworth, sê sy was aangerand..

Moment angry man lunges at NBC reporter as he covers Hurricane Ida

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Moment angry man lunges at NBC reporter as he covers Hurricane Ida and shouts at him to 'report accurately' on Mississippi coastThe broadcast shows an angry man parking his pickup and sprinting up to NBC reporter Sha...

Sky News reporter accuses UK military of covering up Kabul chaos

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Sky News reporter Stuart Ramsay accuses the UK military of covering up Kabul chaos as he is flown out of Afghanistan on 'MoD orders'Sky News chief correspondent Stuart Ramsay has recounted his team being 'kicked out'...

Biden tells reporter ‘I can’t rememberthe first part of his question

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Biden tells reporter 'I can't remember' the first part of his question, calls the Qatar capital 'Daho' and is criticized for being in an 'alternate reality' on the Taliban in another concerning speechThe president pr...

Bari Weiss hammers Ted Cruz for criticizing reporter

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Bari Weiss hammers Ted Cruz for criticizing CNN reporter Clarissa Ward in Kabul who said Taliban 'seem friendly' despite fact they were chanting 'Death to America' and telling her to stand aside because she's a woman...

Moment Sky News -verslaggewer kyk hoe die Taliban -vegters Kabul binnestap

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Moment Sky News -verslaggewer kyk hoe die vegters van die Taliban Kabul binnedring terwyl hy regstreeks op die lug uitsaai., Afghanistan He then spotted a group walking with the ...

Psaki tells Fox News reporter Trump promoted ‘poison to cure COVID

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'Trump suggested people inject poison to cure COVID': Jen Psaki's snarky response to Fox News reporter who suggested Biden created vaccine hesitancy by saying 'don't trust Donald'Psaki had a back-and-forth with Fox N...

German reporter apologises for pretending she’d cleared flood debris

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German TV reporter apologises for smearing herself in mud and pretending she'd been clearing flood debris - but says she was 'ashamed' aid workers would see her 'with a clean body'Susanna Ohlen said she had helped cl...

Son of Dutch crime reporter speaks after dad was shot in Amsterdam

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'Our worst nightmare has come true': Son speaks out after Dutch crime reporter who was probing country's most-wanted man is shot in the head and left fighting for life in suspected hitPeter R. de Vries, one of the Ne...

ESPN reporter sorry for saying colleague hosted because she’s black

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ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols apologizes for 'hurt' caused after venting in a private phone call that colleague Maria Taylor got to host the NBA finals because she is blackRachel Nichols, wie is wit, is a senior NBA...

‘Deadmotorcyclist is saved after reporter covering the crash

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'Dead' motorcyclist is saved after reporter covering the crash in Brazil films body bag MOVINGStreet seller Raimundo da Silva, 71, starting feeling unwell as he rode to work on his motorbike on Tuesday in the city of...

Geopenbaar: Jurgen Klopp lookalike who duped an ITV reporter

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EKSKLUSIEF: Geopenbaar: A Jurgen Klopp lookalike who hilariously duped an ITV reporter into believing that he was the real Liverpool manager is a multi-millionaire property developer who owns chain of restaurants and ho...

Covid scare at England’s Euro 2020 base as Sky reporter tests positive

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EKSKLUSIEF: Covid scare at England's Euro 2020 base as Sky Sports reporter tests positive and is asked to leave St George's Park, days after Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell were forced into isolation over contact with Bi...

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