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Donna, 76, si prende cura di più di 50 salvare animali in Grecia

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Donna, 76, che è cresciuta in una famiglia benestante ma voleva sfuggire al sistema di classe del Regno Unito, rivela di aver riversato la sua eredità nell'acquisto di una fattoria di 300 anni in Grecia dove gestisce un centro di salvataggio per animaliSandy, 76, ...

Police rescue TORTOISE obstructing road that is an exhaust pipe

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Should have gone to Specsavers! Driver calls police to rescue a 'tortoise' obstructing road - which turns out to be an upturned EXHAUST silencerOfficers called to tortoise blocking road which was an upturned exhaust ...

I vigili del fuoco si precipitano a salvare i residenti in Francia come case in mezzo alle inondazioni

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I vigili del fuoco si precipitano per salvare i residenti in Francia mentre le case sono inzuppate 3 settimane di pioggia in appena 12 HOURS causando frane e rigonfiamento dei fiumi Le forti piogge hanno sferzato un'ampia fascia del sud-ovest della Francia e del nord della Spagna o...

Helicopter flights inspired Prince William to become rescue pilot

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'I could talk for hours about flying': How helicopter flights with his father inspired a four-year-old Prince William to become a rescue pilotPrince William's love of flying was forged during childhood He took flight...

Zeus the dog dives in to ‘rescueowner from pile of leaves

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Don't leaf me! Moment Zeus the dog dives in to 'rescue' his owner from a massive pile of leavesBrave dog dives into huge pile of leaves after owner jumps in and disappears The two-year-old Cane Corso named Zeus leapt...

Mountain climbers return to Mexico’s highest peak to rescue stray dog

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Hiker's best friend! Mountain climbers return to Mexico's highest peak to rescue stray dog who followed them on expedition but then stayed there for a MONTH in freezing weatherA team of 30 hikers on Sunday trekked up...

Six rescue workers DIE trying to save trapped Russian miners

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Six rescue workers DIE trying to reach trapped Russian miners as death toll rises to 52: Rescue bid is halted as deadly gas builds up underground following initial blast that 'wiped 11 victims off face of the earth'S...

Rescue dog has had no viewings in 142 giorni, shelter sadly reveals

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Could YOU give this rejected rescue dog a home? Adorable crossbreed with larger-than-life personality is still waiting for a loving family after no one has shown interest for four monthsEpiphany, four-year-old crossb...

Malala Yousafzai hails Greek rescue flight success for Afghan refugees

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Malala Yousafzai hails rescue flight success as plane carrying dozens of Afghan woman including activists who worked alongside her plus an ex-Government minister and top anti-Taliban lawyer lands in GreeceNobel Prize...

Meghan Markle’s favourite animal rescue charity ‘in jeopardy

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Meghan Markle's favourite animal rescue charity 'in jeopardy' as staff row over 'bullying, razzismo, homophobia and wasted money'Pet specialists at Meghan's beloved the Mayhew Trust are fighting for its future The Lond...

Freed caver: Engineer who sparked Britain’s most-daring rescue

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Freed caver pictured: Ingegnere, 38, who sparked Britain's most-daring underground rescue operation when he suffered serious injuries in 50ft fall deep beneath the Brecon BeaconsGeorge Linnane, 38, was pulled out of t...

Inside Britain’s most-daring rescue: Caver recovering in hospital

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Inside Britain’s most-daring cave rescue: Team of 250 squeeze through tiny passages and work 12-hour shifts in giant underground human chain to free adventurer who spent two-and a-half DAYS strapped to a stretcher wi...

Rescue launched to save trapped caver who has been stuck for two days

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Major rescue is launched to save trapped caver who has been stuck for two days down one of Britain's longest caves in Wales after injuring his back in fallMore than 50 rescuers are trying to bring out man from Ogof F...

Team behind Cleo Smith’s rescue given hero’s welcome at Carnarvon pub

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Come 50 exhausted officers on Cleo's case were given a round of applause when they enjoyed a pint at the pub after the little girl's rescue - and the memento from the local surf shop they purchased to remember the car...

WA police boss reveals new details about Cleo Smith’s rescue

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Heartwarming new details emerge about the incredible rescue of Cleo Smith - as it's revealed she fell asleep in her mother's arms moments after they were reunitedWA police boss has described Cleo Smith's incredible r...

Le squadre di soccorso mettono in guardia contro il consiglio virale di cambiare la segreteria in caso di smarrimento

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Perso nel bosco? NON modificare la tua segreteria telefonica! Le squadre di soccorso mettono in guardia contro il "PSA" dei social media "pericolosi per la vita" che esorta le persone bloccate ad aggiornare i loro messaggi dopo che un post virale si è diffuso su Instagram e Faceboo..