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Buffalo goes head-to-head with a huge bull rhino

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Back off! Moment fearless buffalo goes head-to-head with a huge bull rhino and forces it to retreatBuffalo stands up to the bull rhino despite multiple headbutts and charges The rhino lifts the buffalo's feet off the...

Grandpa Toby the world’s oldest white rhino dies aged 54

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Grandpa Toby the world’s oldest white rhino dies aged 54 after collapsing on his way to bed at Italian zooThe rhino, fondly known as Grandpa Tony, died at the Parco Natura Viva zoo He died after falling to the ground...

Rhino flips over one-tonne buffalo in South African game reserve

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On a roll! Rhino flips over a one-tonne buffalo as the two heavyweights go head-to-head at South African game reserveBraden Colling was near end of a tour in Kariega Game Reserve, South Africa He spotted herd of buff...

Una femmina di rinoceronte annega dopo essere scivolata in un abbeveratoio allo zoo olandese

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Il rinoceronte femmina annega dopo essere scivolato in un abbeveratoio mentre scappava da un nuovo compagno troppo amoroso in un tragico incidente allo zoo olandeseElena il rinoceronte è stato "sbalordito" dall'arrivo del suo nuovo compagno al parco Wildlands..

Cucciolo di rinoceronte bianco meridionale esplora il suo nuovo recinto allo zoo di Whipsnade

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L'adorabile cucciolo di rinoceronte bianco meridionale "Nandi" esplora il suo nuovo recinto con la mamma, due settimane dopo la nascita di "preziosa aggiunta" allo zoo di WhipsnadeIl raro rinoceronte bianco di nome Nandi è nato allo zoo di Whipsnade nel Bedfordshire ...

WATCH: The moment a white rhino calf is born at safari park in England

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Astonishing footage shows rare baby white rhino being born at zoo - six weeks after his half-brother’s birthClip shows birth of white rhino calf at West Midlands Safari Park, Worcestershire Its 12-year-old mother Key...

Giant RHINO 4 times heavier than elephant roamed China 26m years ago

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That's rhi-normous! Giant RHINO four times heavier than an elephant roamed China 26.5 million years ago and was the 'largest land mammal that ever lived'The Paraceratherium linxiaense was a giant early ancestor of th...

Rhino horns to be injected with RADIOACTIVE material to deter poaching

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Rhino horns will be injected with RADIOACTIVE material under South African anti-poaching plan backed by Russia's nuclear agencyResearchers are looking for alternative ways to tackle illegal poaching Backed by Russia...

Adolescent woolly rhino found in Siberia after 34,000 anni

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Adolescent woolly rhino with hazel coloured fur that has been preserved in the Siberian permafrost for up to 40,000 years is thawed out for the first timeThe extinct animal was well-fed and is thought to have died af...

Woolly rhino carcass from the Ice Age unearthed in Siberia

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Frozen carcass of an extinct woolly rhino from the Ice Age is unearthed from the Siberian permafrost — with its hazel-coloured hair still intact even after around 34,000 yearsThe find was made in the Abyysky district...