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‘Third of e-scooter riders in A&E have a fracture or dislocation

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Nearly a THIRD of e-scooter riders who end up in A&E have a fracture or dislocation – with half of those injured having drunk alcohol, study finds31 per cent of e-scooter riders who end up in A&E have fracture or...

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Shocking moment elderly woman is knocked to ground by e-scooter riders

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Shocking moment elderly woman is bowled over by two teens riding electric scooters before lying on the footpath with a broken hip for an HOUR waiting for an ambulanceElderly woman, 73, has suffered a suspected broken...

‘Vengefuldriver ‘attempts to run over e-scooter riders

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Shocking moment speeding Ford driver 'out for REVENGE' makes multiple U-turns as he allegedly attempts to run down four e-scooter riders - before they give chaseA speeding car in Melbourne tried to run over four e-sc...

Volunteer riders helping police to crackdown on rural crime

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Call the cavalry! Volunteer riders are now helping rural police report crimes to crackdown on gangs stealing farm vehicles, hare coursing and fly-tippingVolunteer riders will help police crackdown on countryside gang...

E-scooter law change to let riders not wear helmet ‘is dangerous

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Law change to allow e-scooter riders to travel without wearing a crash helmet is dangerous, lawyer warnsLawyer Nick Freeman, known as Mr Loophole, said move was 'recipe for disaster' It means riders in government-bac...

Moment furious horse riders swear at DPD driver

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Moment furious horse riders swear at DPD driver after he beeped at them on narrow country laneHorse rider Katherine Cooksley, 27, was out on her eight year old horse Garnet She and her riding partner Leigh Morris we...

Moment two moped riders burst into shop and threaten customers

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Moment two moped riders burst into shop and threaten customers before hurling chair at window 'after row broke out when they tried to enter low traffic neighbourhood' in DulwichA witness said the men argued with a pe...

E-scooter riders injured 100 road users in ONE YEAR, figures reveal

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E-scooter riders injured 21 fietsryers, 22 people in vehicles and 57 pedestrians in just ONE YEAR, figures revealE-scooter riders hit and injured 100 road users and pedestrians in the last year Figures revealed that 38...

Op die oomblik loop tientalle fietsryers rooi lig en vleg deur die verkeer

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Skokkende oomblik 'tientalle fietsryers' terroriseer padgebruikers 'terwyl hulle in die wiele ry, hardloop rooi ligte en weef deur die verkeer in die sentrale LondonFootage -vertonings 50 jongmense wat rooi brand en deur die verkeer vleg..

Uber users feel the pinch as prices more than DOUBLE for some riders

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'It'd be cheaper to get a black cab!' Shortage of Uber drivers sees prices DOUBLE to £46 for a four mile journey - after workers quit for delivery jobs during lockdownThere are estimates that up to 40% of private hir...

e-Scooter riders suffer serious injuries in Wolverhampton car crash

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e-Scooter rider, 20, suffers serious head injuries and his female passenger, 19, is also badly hurt after crash with VW Golf In WolverhamptonA man, 20, en vrou, 19, are in hospital after suffering serious injuries ...

Momentryers klim 200 voet af in die hoogste achtbaan van die Verenigde Koninkryk

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Kyk waar jy trap! Skrikwekkende oomblik wat opwindende soekers 200 meter van die hoogste Britse bergbaan in Blackpool Pleasure Beach afklim nadat dit onklaar geraak het Die Big One-achtbaan by Blackpool Pleasure Beach het gebreek ...

Deliveroo riders jump red lights and mount the pavements

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Deliveroo riders jump red lights and mount the pavements as they put the public at risk by weaving in between pedestriansSome riders who work for Deliveroo drivers seen darting across pavements Figures show 71mil o...

Horse riders furious after Essex council chiefs banned them from beach

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Horse riders are furious after council chiefs banned them from beach in Essex seaside resort over fears they were turning it into 'Wild West'For years horses have been ridden along the sand in Frinton-on-Sea in Essex...

Deliveroo riders strike today as firm’s unconditional trading begins

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Deliveroo riders go on strike today as tech firm's unconditional trading begins after disastrous market debut with £3bn wiped off £8.8bn valuationIndependent Workers of Great Britain union want better pay and rights ...

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