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Lo studente perde 14 milioni di sterline quando ottiene numeri giusti ma per lotteria sbagliata

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Alunno, 23, perde il jackpot EuroMillions di £ 14 milioni quando acquista il biglietto con i numeri giusti ma lo inserisce in un'estrazione SBAGLIATARossi Carmina ha usato la sua carta per gennaio 7 EuroMillions anziché gennaio 4 uno La sua scorecard...

RICHARD KAY: Can Andrew do the right thing for the Queen?

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RICHARD KAY: Can Prince Andrew find it in himself to do the right thing for the Queen – even if it trashes what’s left of his reputation?Andrew hoped Epstein's $500,000 settlement would help dismiss Guiffre's case US...

How to save money on gym kit and games by buying in the right month

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Shoppers can save up to 154% on popular products like gym equipment and PS5 games IF they choose the right month to buy: We explain howShoppers could save thousands by shopping for items in certain months Exercise bi...

Amazon’s bestselling cleaning tool is less than £12 right now

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Get Amazon's most popular cleaning tool with a HUGE saving: You can pick up the Flash Power Mop Starter Kit for less than £12 right now - and it has over 10,000 five-star reviews Products featured in this Mail Best a...

Putin afferma che il russo ha il diritto di intraprendere un'azione militare sull'Ucraina

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Putin lascia il primo accenno a una potenziale guerra in Ucraina mentre avverte di prendere "misure militari" contro l'Occidente e il suo propagandista afferma che la Russia è pronta a trasformare "tutti in cenere radioattiva" Dmitry Kiselyov, capo di...

Juror in truck driver case says 110-year sentence ‘is not right

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Juror in the case of truck driver sentenced to 110 years in prison for deadly 2019 Colorado car pile-up says sentence is 'not right' and is '100-fold of what it should've been' - come 4.5 MILLION sign petition for clem...

TOM UTLEY: Musk is rightit’s NOT selfish to have lots of children

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TOM UTLEY: Elon Musk is right - it's NOT selfish to have lots of children. Who else will pull pints in the future? Many years ago, when our boys were still at school, I had the misfortune of finding myself sitting ne...

11 best deals to shop at Amazon right now

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Didn't pick up a bargain during Black Friday 2021? 11 best of the best deals to shop at Amazon right now - including discounts on Yankee Candles, Apple Airpods, Cadbury chocolate and more Products featured in this M...

Il surfista di un momento vede uno SQUALO proprio dietro di lui al largo di Porto Rico

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Momento terrificante, il surfista vede uno SQUALO proprio dietro di lui al largo di Porto Rico e torna disperatamente alla spiaggia. Lo squalo è stato filmato ieri mentre nuotava vicino al surfista in preda al panico Rolando Montes Le acque agitate sembravano ...

Pop stars like Adele have a right to turn heartache into hits

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Pop stars like Adele have a right to turn heartache into hits... bene, I’ve cashed in on my ex-husbands for years!Adele used relationship with her ex-husband as material for her new album 30 Julie Burchill says it's...

PAUL THOMAS su… a right royal row

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PAUL THOMAS su ... a right royal row To order a print of this Paul Thomas cartoon or one by Pugh, visita o chiama 0191 6030 178.

PM says it’s ‘rightwomen ‘make complaintsamid dad’s ‘grope’ reclami

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Boris Johnson insists it is 'absolutely right' that women 'make complaints' about inappropriate sexual advances by men... but refused to say whether his own father Stanley would face inquiry over two 'groping' claims...

Race report’s claims white people have shorter lives ‘proven right

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Race report author who came under fire for claiming white people have a lower life expectancy says he WAS proven rightTony Sewell is the chairman of the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities His government race r...

UK’s booster drive ‘going at the right pace to stave off Plan B

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Britain's Covid vaccine booster drive is going at the right pace to stave off winter wave and No10's 'Plan B', scientists claim despite Labour's demands to 'turbo charge' roll-out to 500,000 a dayEXCLUSIVE: Professo...

Wow right now: Turbo tempeh tacos

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Wow right now: Turbo tempeh tacos Family taco night in just 20 minuti! I am using a vegan alternative in these tacos called tempeh, which is a plant-based protein that originated in Indonesia. It’s made f...

Cibo: Wow right now!

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Cibo: Wow right now! Pushed for time but still want freshly made family dinners? Clodagh McKenna’s stunning dishes can be made in as little as 10 minuti (sì, veramente) Turbo tempeh tacos THE MISSING INGREDI...