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Australië stuur Troepe in terwyl anti-China-onluste Honiara losbars

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Australia deploys troops to the Solomon Islands as disturbing scenes erupt with violent anti-China rioters BURNING DOWN a police station and threatening civil war over communist influencesScott Morrison announces Aus...

SAGE-adviseur sê Covid-onluste in Europa is 'n 'waarskuwing'’

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SAGE-adviseur sê Europa Covid-toesluit-onluste is 'n 'waarskuwing aan die Verenigde Koninkryk' en dring daarop aan dat Britte 'n hupstoot kry - as Austria reimposes full restrictions and German ministers say they can't rule out full lockdownProfessor...

Ex-NYT journalist says paper held Kenosha riots story until election

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Former New York Times journalist says the paper deliberately HELD her story condemning Kenosha rioters until after 2020 verkiesing: 'The reality of what brought Kyle Rittenhouse into the streets was one we were meant t...

Prince Harry warned Twitter boss of coup day before January 6 onluste

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Prince Harry emailed Twitter boss Jack Dorsey the day before the January 6 riot at the US Capitol warning him his site was 'allowing a coup to be staged' – and hasn’t heard from him since, the royal tells 'internet l...

Akteur, 33, is arrested for taking part in Capitol riots

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B-movie actor, 33, who appeared in flop US remake of The Inbetweeners is arrested for taking part in Capitol riots after he looked in camera and said: 'Hey Nancy, go f*** yourself'Actor Michael Aaron Carico, 33, was ...

Woman says she she got a ‘buzzfor looting during 2011 London riots

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'We were like a rabid pack of dogs': Man who firebombed police station during 2011 riots says there was a sense of 'freedom' and that 'everyone's heart turned black' Nottingham rioter Lance Francis given 14-year sent...

Owners fire on looters to protect their shops in South African riots

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South Africa in chaos: Shopkeepers fire on mob to protect their stores and ten people are killed in mall looting stampede as death toll in riots sparked by President Zuma's jailing passes 40Shop owners fired on loote...

Boris’s food czar says meat tax may be ‘necessarydespite RIOTS risk

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Boris Johnson's food czar says Brits may have to pay taxes on meat in future even if it sparks RIOTS Henry Dimbleby said that the levy 'may be necessary' in the long term Leon chain founder ruled against their immed...

Riots break out at Jerusalem’s holy sites

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Riots break out at Jerusalem's holy sites: Israeli troops fire tear gas at Palestinians at the walls of the old city as two IDF soldiers are shot at protest on the West bank on 8th day of Gaza conflictTear gas fired ...

Brandon Lewis brands Northern Ireland riots ‘unacceptable

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Brandon Lewis brands Northern Ireland riots that left 88 police injured 'unacceptable' as he says Brexit protocol has fuelled tensionsBrandon Lewis made a statement to MPs on violent scenes in Northern Ireland Cabine...

Two men appear in court over Belfast riots

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Two men appear in court over Belfast riots after police were pelted with stones and missiles on eighth night of violenceMatthew Shaw, 32, and Jonathan Maitland, 25, appeared before Belfast Magistrates' Court this mor...

Riots break out at St Louis jail as inmates start fire and hurl debris

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Riots break out at St Louis jail as dozens of prisoners start fires, hurl debris into the streets and chant 'we want court dates' - weeks after inmates staged uprising over 'unsafe' conditions during pandemicThe riot...

Impeachment prosecutors create ‘blockbustervideo of Capitol riots

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Impeachment prosecutors plan to prove that Trump incited Capitol riots with 'blockbuster' video juxtaposing the former president's remarks with chaotic scenes at the insurrectionDonald Trump's impeachment trial in th...

Nederlandse burgemeester waarsku die land is op pad na 'burgeroorlog’ na onluste

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Nederlandse burgemeester waarsku dat die land op 'burgeroorlog' afstuur na gewelddadige betogings teen die aandklok, terwyl Frankryk en Italië erken dat hulle NOG 'n Covid-19-uitsluiting in die gesig staar, Europa is te midde van die Covid-chaos terwyl lande rassisties is..

Two New York-area pickup artists arrested over Capitol riots

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Two New York-area pickup artists are arrested for participating in Capitol riots with one writing on Facebook: 'People died but it was f****** great if you ask me'Two self-styled pickup experts and dating gurus have ...

Doctor Simone Gold is arrested in connection with the Capitol riots

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Beverly Hills doctor Simone Gold, who criticized the coronavirus vaccine and advocated for hydroxychloroquine as a treatment, is arrested in connection with the Capitol riotsIn addition to Simone Gold, 52-year-old Gi...

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