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Energy firms could get cash when gas costs soar to stop bills rising

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Taxpayer could hand energy firms huge subsidies when gas prices soar to stop them hiking bills for customers under 'stabilisation mechanism' being considered by Rishi Sunak The taxpayer could hand energy firms huge s...

Boris Johnson’s government WILL step in amid rising energy bills

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Boris Johnson's government WILL step in to help customers facing rocketing energy bills and Prime Minister will personally take part in crisis meetings on the issue next weekMinisters have concluded that 'something n...

Romanian settlement lies hidden beneath rising toxic sludge

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The village that sank beneath sewage: Romanian settlement lies hidden beneath rising toxic sludge with just occasional rooftops still visibleVillagers living in Geamana, Western Romania were forced to evacuate in 197...

Ministers ‘could give energy companies loans to tackle rising prices

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Ministers 'could give energy companies billions of pounds in loans' to help them spread the surging price of gas over a decade to protect families from rocketing bills amid growing calls to tackle the cost of living ...

Rising Omicron cases not being matched by hospitalisations

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Omicron surge will 'NOT overwhelm the NHS': Figures suggest rising cases of feared new Covid strain have not led to an increase in hospital admissions... despite public bracing for lockdownHospital admission rate not...

Labour suspends Angela Rayner’s aide amid ‘rising hostilities

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Labour suspends Angela Rayner's aide amid 'rising hostilities between the deputy leader and Keir Starmer'Jack McKenna is under investigation on suspicion of a 'personal data breach' Claims he briefed press about pot...

How rising republicanism in Barbados has seen it give up the Queen

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The island paradise turning its back on the Queen: How rising republicanism will see one of UK's oldest colonies Barbados sever its 400-year-old ties with the Crown to 'leave its past behind'... after taking £500M fr...

Rising costs ‘will wipe out Budget booze price cut’, sê kenners

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Rising costs 'will wipe out booze price cut': Budget move slash price of drinks will be swamped by other increases that 30p to a pint, industry experts sayChancellor Rishi Sunak called his 3p beer duty cut 'once in a...

Price of pints could go up by 30p as landlords battle rising costs

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Pints to get 30p more expensive: Landlords warn they will need to increase price of beer to cope with rising costs caused by supply and staff shortagesPrice rise could push average UK pint above the £4 mark and £5.60...

Want to beat rising energy prices? Then Live off-grid!

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Want to beat rising energy prices? Then Live off-grid! It sounds radical, maar 150,000 people Britons have already cut the cordAccording to Off-Grid Net, there are some 150,000 people living off-grid in UK The website...

Rising temperatures are causing some animals to change shape

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Climate change is causing animals to SHAPESHIFT: Warm-blooded creatures are evolving to have larger beaks, legs and ears to better regulate their body temperatures as Earth gets hotter, study findsAppendages like bea...

Birds and mammals evolve faster if their home is rising, studie sê

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Leef die hoë lewe! Mammals and birds evolve more quickly in mountainous regions, study findsScientists say the rise and fall of Earth's land has shaped the evolution of animals In fact, unique new species evolve a...

The costly stamp duty holiday was not behind rising house prices

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The localities where house prices surged most during the stamp duty holiday: 'Expensive and unnecessary' tax break was not the main driver behind property boom, claims reportThink tank the Resolution Foundation found...

‘Rising threatof ‘incels’: Plymouth gunman’s solidarity with cult

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The 'rising threat' of 'incels': How Plymouth gunman expressed solidarity with misogynistic movement who believe they are 'owed' sex that has been linked to mass shootings in the US and recent cases in the UK The Inc...

Suid -Dakota se Sturgis -tydren brul terug terwyl die delta styg

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Sturgis -motorfietsbyeenkoms brul sy tweede dag in terwyl ten minste 700K mense na Suid -Dakota afdaal ondanks die oplewing van die Delta -variant Organiseerders verwag ten minste 700,000 mense wat die tien dae lange motorbyeenkoms bywoon..

Moment vicious mob beats man walking dog amid rising crime in NYC

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Moment vicious mob beats firefighter walking his dog in Queens amid rising violent crime in the Big AppleThe firefighter, 44, was walking his Labradoodle Dylan, 3, in Juniper Valley Park in the Middle Village neighbo...

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