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Dolphins WHISTLE to each other as part of male bonding ritual

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Dolphins WHISTLE to each other as part of a male bonding ritual and rely on 'wingmen' to vie for the affection of potential mates, study findsMale dolphins boost their social lives by whistling at each other, researc...

Linking arms while singing Auld Lang Syne ‘was masonic parting ritual

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Linking arms while singing Auld Lang Syne was a parting ritual of the Freemasons, expert revealsUniversity of Edinburgh musicologist Morag Grant has written book about Robert Burns' best-loved song She says singing i...

Viking ritual where a victim’s lungs were pulled out WAS feasible

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Brutal Viking ritual called 'Blood Eagle' that involved carving the victim's back open, cutting their ribs away and pulling out their lungs WAS anatomically possible and not just legend, study claimsThe ritual is kno...

Schoolboys film bizarre ritual complete with ‘blood and chanting

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Mother claims her son, 14, filmed a bloody ritual in an East Sussex wood and participants threatened to 'chop off his head' when they spotted him - but viewers are torn over whether it was 'Satanists' or harmless hor...

Doctor who drugged girlfriend as part of ‘Islamic ritualfaces jail

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Anaesthetist, 60, who nearly killed his girlfriend, 33, by injecting her hundreds of times in Islamic exorcism ritual that he had learned on YouTube faces jailHossam Metwally guilty of endangering life via unlawful a...

105,000-year-old ritual crystals found in Kalahari Desert

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Ritual crystals used some 150,000 years ago are discovered in South Africa's Kalahari Desert that challenges the long-held belief Homo sapiens emerged in coastal environments, study findsNearly two dozen small white ...

The bizarre mating ritual of the blue sea dragon revealed

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The bizarre mating ritual of the blue sea dragon: Footage reveals how the hermaphrodite creatures kiss before coiling their penises together and mutually fertilising each other's eggsFootage of the bizarre mating rit...

Ritual bath from Jesustime found at the Garden of Gethsemane

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Ritual bath from the time of Jesus is found at the Garden of Gethsemane in Jerusalem where the Bible says Christ spent his final nightRemains were discovered at the time during the construction of a foot tunnel Expe...