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Runaway robot vacuum cleaner makes a break for freedom from hotel

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A clean getaway! Runaway robot vacuum makes a break for freedom at Travelodge hotel after failing to stop at front doorThe robot vacuum escaped from a Travelodge in Orchard Park, Cambridge One social media user joked...

Shoebox-sized robot named Iris battling it out to go to the moon

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Shoebox-sized robot named Iris is among two rovers battling it out to be the first US spacecraft to land on the moon since the Apollo missions 50 years agoNASA hasn't sent a vehicle to land on the moon since the last...

Chinese restaurant chain is forced to use ROBOT waiters

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Fancy a byte to eat? Chinese restaurant chain is forced to use ROBOT waiters priced at £14,500 each after struggling with staff shortages during the Covid pandemicThe robots first appeared in The Chinese Buffet resta...

Robot: ‘World’s most advancedhumanoid bot grabs a researcher’s hand

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Don't mess with the 'world's most advanced' humanoid robot! New footage shows Ameca grabbing a researcher's hand as it enters their 'personal space'The 'world's most advanced' humanoid robot has been unveiled in a UK...

Boston Dynamics’ feestelike video het Spot robot wegkruip in 'n Kersgeskenk

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Spot the Dog kan vanjaar onder jou boom wees! Boston Dynamics stel 'n feestelike video vry wat wys hoe sy vierbeen-robot in 'n Kersgeskenk wegkruip. Die robotika-firma het die eienaardige videotjie op hul Twitter geplaas..

Hyundai unveils robot designed to carry almost ANYTHING

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Hyundai unveils a four-wheeled robot that's designed to carry almost ANYTHING - including parcels, babies and trays of drinksMobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) has been developed with a low and flat body Perfect for 'st...

This highly-rated robot vacuum is reduced by a massive £117 on Amazon

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Save £117 on a RoboVac! This robot vacuum cleaner with 1,900 five-star reviews is currently at its cheapest price EVER on Amazon Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently selected by our shopping ...

Robot housekeepers set to revolutionise our lives by 2036, sê kenners

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Welcome to the future! Robot housekeepers and flying taxis are among inventions set to revolutionise our lives by 2036, experts sayA panel predicts we'll have robot housekeepers and hologram teachers by 2036 The anal...

Boston Dynamic’s robot perfectly mimics Mick Jagger’s dance moves

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Start me up! Boston Dynamic's Spot robot perfectly mimics Mick Jagger's iconic dance moves from The Rolling Stones' classic 1981 music videoBoston Dynamics taught its Spot robot to mimic dance moves of Mick Jagger in...

Robot artist is freed from Egyptian customs after 10 dae in die tronk

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Robot artist is freed from Egyptian customs after spending 10 days in jail because border agents feared the British-made AI was part of a SPY plotAi-da, a British-made robot artist, was due to take part in an exhibit...

Boston Dynamic’s robot canine Spot has future as guard dog

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Boston Dynamic's robot canine Spot has a future as guard dog, patrolling 'manufacturing plants, chemical plants, utilities and installations,' says chief engineerBoston Dynamics first started selling Spot commerciall...

Meet LEO, the slackliner robot built to act like a drone-bot hybrid

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Meet LEO: Tiny 2.5ft-tall drone-robot hybrid can use its two legs to navigate a slackline and skateboard, or switch on its thrusters to fly through the airLEONARDO (Legs Onboard Drone) is a 2.5ft-tall robot that has ...

Hyundai is using Boston Dynamicsrobot dog to patrol its factories

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Spot turns watchdog! Hyundai is using Boston Dynamics’ four-legged robot to patrol its motor plants in South Korea Hyundai has upgraded Spot with new sensors, AI and autonomous navigation The robot will work to moni...

Cargo-carrying robot Gitamini uses radar to follow you like a puppy

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Vespa maker Piaggio launches adorable $1,850 Gitamini suitcase robot that uses radar and sensors to follow you around like a puppyThe Gitamini stands 18 inches tall and weighs just under 30 pounds But it can faithful...

Amazon’s Choice robot vacuum is now reduced by £80

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Amazon's Choice robot vacuum is now reduced by £80 and shoppers say it's a 'game changer' for removing stubborn pet hairs and outperforms the Dyson Products featured in this Mail Best article are independently select...

MANiACs robot could deliver drugs in targeted places in humans

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The real Fantastic Voyage! Micro robot powered by magnets could be piloted through the body to deliver drugs directly to the central nervous systemThe MANiAC robots (magnetically aligned nanorods in alginate capsules...

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