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Cars of the super-rich: Rolls-Royce reveals bespoke creations of 2021

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Cars for the super-rich: Rolls-Royce reveals its best one-of-a-kind models of the past year and confirms the next £20m Boat Tail - the world's most expensive motor - will be unveiled in MayThe quintessential British ...

British luxury car maker Rolls-Royce posts record sales in 2021

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British luxury car maker Rolls-Royce posts record sales in 2021 met oor 5,500 ultra-expensive models bought worldwide last yearRolls-Royce sold 5,586 cars in 2021, the biggest annual haul in its 117-year history De...

Rolls-Royce secures mini nuclear plant finance

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Rolls-Royce receives huge boost as it ties up required funding to start supplying parts for mini nuclear reactorsQatar Investment Authority will pour £85m into Rolls-Royce's nuclear offshoot Rolls can start scouting...

Rolls-Royce unveils the world’s FASTEST all-electric plane

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Rolls-Royce unveils the world's FASTEST all-electric plane: 'Spirit of Innovation' aircraft reaches maximum speeds of 387.4mph during test flight - smashing the existing record by 132mphThe Spirit of Innovation aircr...

Rolls-Royce secures funds for mini nuclear plants

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Rolls-Royce secures funds for mini nuclear plants - each capable of powering a million homes The Government has thrown its weight behind a Rolls-Royce-led project to build mini nuclear reactors. Ministers have signed...

First teaser images revealed of electric Rolls-Royce Spectre for 2023

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Rolls-Royce's electric car will arrive in 2023: Spectre will be the luxury legend's first battery-powered vehicle and its entire range will switch in 2030British limousine maker confirms its first electric model will...

Rolls-Royce backer demands shake-up at company

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Rolls-Royce facing demands from biggest investor to consider board overhaul and sale of key division in wake of pandemicCauseway Capital has called for a 'refresh' at the top of the British engineer to bring in more ...

Rolls-Royce appoints first female chair in its 115-year history

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Rolls-Royce appoints first female chair in its 115-year history: Sudoko-loving ex-Lloyds Banking deputy chairman Anita Frew, 63, who lands £490,000-a-year roleAnita Frew, 63, has emerged as an 'outstanding candidate'...

Princess Margaret’s Rolls-Royce to go on sale

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Princess Margaret's Rolls-Royce to go on sale: Car that Princess Diana, Ronald Reagan and The Queen travelled in as passengers expected to reach £55,000 at auction after David Linely sold it in 20021980s Silver Wrait...

Manchester United star Paul Pogba gets his £300,000 Rolls-Royce back

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Manchester United star Paul Pogba gets his £300,000 Rolls-Royce back after leaving it in police pound for nine months when it was seized for having Monaco platesPaul Pogba, 28, was stopped in his £300,000 Rolls-Royce...

Rolls-Royce hit by £4bn loss: Boss says firm will thrive post lockdown

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Rolls-Royce rocked by a £4 billion loss: But upbeat boss says firm is in a position to 'thrive, not just survive' after lockdown Rolls-Royce plunged to a £4billion loss last year after the collapse in air travel hamm...

Heathrow-passasiersgetalle daal terwyl Rolls-Royce £ 4 miljard verloor

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Heathrow-passasiersgetalle daal tot die laagste vlak sedertdien 1966 terwyl Rolls-Royce £ 4 miljard verlies aankondig nadat die lugvaartbedryf 'ernstige' Covid-treffer het, het die passasiersgetalle van Heathrow tot die laagste vlak gedaal..

Rolls-Royce bestel fabriekssluitings om werk te bespaar

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Rolls-Royce hoop om verdere werksverliese te voorkom deur sy fabrieke hierdie somer vir die eerste keer te sluit. Die lugvaartreus sal aanlegte in sy afdeling vir vliegtuigmotors vir twee weke sluit om kontant op die salaris te bespaar..

Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency to develop nuclear-powered engine

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Rolls-Royce and UK Space Agency team up to develop nuclear-powered spacecraft engine that could get us to Mars in just three monthsThe firms will explore the potential of nuclear power as a source of energy A nuclea...