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Roman silver penis pendant that measures 1.2 inches unearthed in Kent

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Silver penis pendant that measures a meagre 1.2 inches and could date as far back as Caesar's 43AD invasion of Britain is unearthed in KentThe phallic shape was found in a field in Higham, Kent, by Wendy Thompson The...

Government FINALLY issues licence to allow Roman Abramovich to sell

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Chelsea's takeover is ON: Government FINALLY issue a licence to allow sanctioned owner Roman Abramovich to sell the club to Todd Boehly after the Premier League approved American's £4.25bn dealTodd Boehly's £4.25bill...

Detectorist, 30, inspired by Indiana Jones finds £65,000 Roman hoard

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Raider of the lost coins: Detectorist, 30, inspired by Indiana Jones finds £65,000 Roman hoard after studying satellite imagery near his Suffolk homeGeorge Ridgeway, 30, found huge coin hoard after studying satellite...

Archaeologists uncover an Ancient Roman roadside ‘service station

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Ancient Romans' answer to Roadchef? Archaeologists uncover a 2,000-year-old roadside 'service station' in Hertfordshire along with hundreds of Roman artefacts and dozens of bodiesThe 'service station' was ideally-pla...

Texas antiques dealer bought 2,000-year-old Roman bust for $35

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Antiques dealer finds priceless 2,000 year-old Roman bust which disappeared from Germany after World War II for just $35 in a Texas thrift storeLaura Young, of Austin, discovery the bust in 2018 at a local Goodwill t...

Chelsea’s Roman Abramovich ‘isn’t asking for £1.6bn loan to be repaid

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'Mr Abramovich has NOT asked for any loan to be repaid to him - such suggestions are entirely false': Chelsea owner insists he isn't reneging on pledge to write off £1.6bn debt in club statementRoman Abramovich has i...

Roman Abramovich’s superyacht fleet is set to be banned from the seas

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Roman Abramovich's superyacht fleet is set to be banned from the seas: 533ft Eclipse and 456ft Solaris are among £1bn worth of assets which face being mothballed amid hard-hitting sanctionsEclipse and Solaris are anc...

Roman Abramovich spent £125m doing up chateau formerly home to kings

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Raise a glass of chateau-bottled Schadenfreude! As Roman Abramovich is locked out of his fabulous Riviera pile, DOMINIC MIDGLEY takes a look at the former home to four kings which the Russian oligarch spent £125m doi...

Historians claim monument will ‘destroy UK’s last Roman chariot track

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Battle lines are drawn as Historic England claims new Army barracks monument will 'destroy Britain's last Roman-era chariot track' that has stood for 2,000 yearsA row is emerging over the former Roman barracks at Col...

Roman village of Silchester ‘under threat from solar farm plans

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Solar farm threat to Britain's Roman heritage: Eco 'eyesore' spanning 120 football pitches is planned for rolling countryside near ancient village of SilchesterThe Roman village of Silchester is home to ruins, a bath...

Roman Abramovich, eienaar van Chelsea, se naaste bondgenote het Britse sanksies getref

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Twee van Chelsea-eienaar Roman Abramovich se naaste bondgenote getref met sanksies in £10BILJOEN batebevriesing - die grootste in die Britse geskiedenis Brittanje neem aksie teen Eugene Tenenbaum en David Davidovich Die paar is twee...

Roman Abramovich has assets worth £5.4bn frozen by Jersey

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Sanctioned Chelsea oligarch Roman Abramovich has assets worth £5.4bn frozen – by the tiny Channel Island of JerseyJersey police said they had searched premises believed to belong to Abramovich The billionaire, 55, is...

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Roman Abramovich DENIES claims he asked American friends for loans

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Roman Abramovich DENIES claims he asked American celebrity friends including Hollywood director Brett Ratner for millions in loans so sanctioned oligarch could pay his '£600,000-a-week staff wages bill'Russian oligar...

Roman Abramovich ‘poisoned with WWI agent or Novichok’, sê kenners

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Roman Abramovich 'was poisoned with First World War chemical agent Chloropicrin or low dosage Novichok' while attending peace talks, experts sayInvestigative journalist Christo Gorev said WWI chemical agent was used ...

Can we trust Roman Abramovich the peace maker, asks DOMINIC MIDGLEY

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Can we really trust Roman the peace maker? It may be that giving Abramovich a toxic shock was the Kremlin's way of warning him not to go off reservation, writes the oligarch's biographer DOMINIC MIDGLEY When the dele...

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