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Man snared over contract killing after police stage trick murder scene

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Husband is snared over £13,000 contract killing after Russian police stage murder scene to trick him into thinking hitman had slit his ex-wife’s throat Russian police staged the murder of Alexander Krasavin's ex-wife...

Kan JY die drie klokke wat in hierdie gesellige feestoneel versteek is, raaksien?

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Kan JY die drie klokke wat in hierdie gesellige vuurtoneel versteek is, raaksien? Feeslike soek-en-vind legkaart sal jou waarnemingsvaardighede op die proef stel. Feeslike breinbreker daag jou uit om drie klokke in 'n gesellige wintertoneel te vind ...

Art student uses 28 taxidermy animals to create bible scene

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Not your average tea party! Taxidermy animals celebrate with alcohol and cake in whimsical university art project inspired by the Bible that imagines the world before God created humansZoey Andreas, 24, van Croydon,...

Disney reinstates gay kissing scene in ‘Toy Story’ spinoff

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Disney reinstates gay kissing scene between two female characters on Pixar's Toy Story spinoff Lightyear after outrage from workers who claimed the film giant actively censored 'overtly gay affection'The dispute is t...

Boris Johnson and Keir Starmer lay flowers at David Amess murder scene

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Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer and Priti Patel lay flowers at David Amess murder scene in show of unity as police search two London homes and say terror attack could be linked to Islamist extremism after Tory MP was 'st...

PC Ryan Connolly sacekd after taking selfies at Liverpool murder scene

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Mother's horror as she learns that police officer took selfies lying down at scene where her son, 16, had been stabbed to deathPc Ryan Connolly took selfies at the scene where Daniel Gee-Jamieson died The former Mer...

Aanhangers van seks/lewe sien 'n GROOT redigering misluk in die storttoneel

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Sex/Life fans notice a huge editing fail in Adam Demos' full-frontal shower scene (so is alles wat ons werklik kan sien?) Netflix drama Sex/Life has sent the internet ablaze thanks to its full-frontal shower scene featur...

Bob Saget se hotelsuite word onthul in spookagtige misdaadtoneelfoto's

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Bob Saget se hotelsuite word onthul in spookagtige misdaadtoneelfoto's: Sterrekundiges onthul die duidelikste beeld nog van geheimsinnige 'vreemde radiokring' ...

Emergency crews race to scene of gas explosion at a home in Portsmouth

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BREKENDE NUUS: Emergency crews race to the scene of a 'gas explosion' at a home in PortsmouthPolice and fire crews called to Nelson Avenue in Hampshire at just before 2pm Cosham, Portchester, Southsea, Havant and E...

Gay sex scene filmed on the Acropolis sparks outcry in Greece

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Gay sex scene filmed on the Acropolis sparks outcry and investigation in GreeceThe University of Thessaloniki showed the 36-minute film to a small audience The video features a sexual encounter between two men at th...

Kan JY die trofee in hierdie besige kroegtoneel raaksien?

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Kan JY die trofee in hierdie besige kroegtoneel raaksien? Tricky Euros inspired seek-and-find puzzle will put your observation skills to the testFiendish Euros-themed seek-and-find puzzle challenges you to spot the trophy hidd...

How an Army veteran became the king of Manhattan’s social scene

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The Army vet who became the king of Manhattan's social scene: New book lifts the lid on man behind '70s high-society hotspot Mortimer's - and his cut-throat vetting process that welcomed rich elite like Anna Wintour ...

Interieurs: Set your festive scene

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Interieurs: Set your festive scene... ...with our picks of this year's showstopping decorations Be dazzling Create a magical Aladdin’s cave with a gleaming tree and gem-toned decorations Wrapping pa...

Afrojack en Elettra Lamborghini

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Samelewing se Noordelike kragstasie! Samelewing se Noordelike kragstasie, Samelewing se Noordelike kragstasie.

‘Like a scene from The Birds’: Posties say SEAGULLS are attacking them

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'It's like a scene from The Birds': Postmen resort to wearing hardhats and carrying umbrellas to protect themselves from dive-bombing SEAGULLSRogue feathered fliers have been attacking postal workers in Thorpe Bay, E ...

Ukraine declared a crime scene by ICC

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Ukraine declared a crime scene: Chief ICC prosecutor Karim Khan QC says there are ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe Russian troops have carried out war crimesChief prosecutor Karim Khan, the first Briton to lead the IC...

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