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TikTok trend sees ex-private school girls share uniform policies

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Ex-private school girls start a TikTok trend revealing the 'heinous' strict rules they had to follow with jewellery banned, skirt lengths measured and detentions for not wearing their blazersFormer private school girl...

Parents baffled at ‘sausage with whipped cream and grapesschool meal

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'Why are children eating sausage with whipped cream and grapes?': Parents are left baffled by mystery school dinner what do YOU think it is?Thornaby Academy in Stockton-on-Tees has been blasted for its lunch...

Canterbury Cathedral angers locals by gate access to private school

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Cathedral bosses infuriate Canterbury locals by shutting 1,800-year-old Roman archway to 'safeguard' pupils at £41,000-a-year private schoolCanterbury Cathedral grounds has blocked public access through a city gate Th...

School uniforms are abundant in toxic ‘foreverchemicals, study finds

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Beware of... school uniforms! Study discovers they are abundant in toxic 'forever' chemicals which are linked to cancer and infertilityExperts testing clothes found school uniforms are rife with 'forever chemicals' Ca...