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Scientists regrow knee cartilage with an electric current

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Electric KNEE implants could be the answer for millions of arthritis sufferers after scientists find a way to regrow cartilage with the help of a tiny electrical currentA small mesh could be implanted into the damage...

Don’t panic about ‘Deltacron’: it might be mixed samples, scientists

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Why you DON'T need to panic about 'Deltacron': Scientists call for caution over reports of new variant - and say phenomenon is probably just down to sample contaminationDeltacron is probably a lab sequencing error ra...

Wetenskaplikes skep veganistiese eierwitte met behulp van swam

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Uit die kloue: Wetenskaplikes skep eierwitte deur swam in die laboratorium te gebruik as 'n 'omgewingsvolhoubare' alternatief vir boerdery met hoenders Navorsers het ovalbumien geskep, die primêre proteïen in eierwit, gebruik van swam Die...

Omicron kan amper wees 100 KEER minder dodelik as griep, wetenskaplikes sê

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Kan Omicron selfs MINDER dodelik wees as seisoenale griep? Wetenskaplikes glo dat ultra-aansteeklike stam kan doodmaak 100 KEER minder mense as Delta (and mortality rates were ALREADY similar to influenza before the variant eme...

Wetenskaplikes verhoog hul soektog na die ontwykende 'Asiatiese eenhoorn’

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Jag vir die ontwykende 'Asiatiese eenhoorn': Wetenskaplikes verskerp hul soektog na een van die wêreld se skaarsste diere in 'n poging om dit van uitwissing te red. Die 'Asiatiese eenhoorn' is die eerste keer in afgeleë berge naby Lao ontdek..

Scientists hope to unlock 200-year-old secrets of Capuchin Catacombs

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Unravelling the mystery of Sicily's child mummies: British scientists hope to unlock 200-year-old secrets of the Capuchin Catacombs by using X-ray technology to analyse the remains of 41 youngstersUK project will lea...

Risk of diabetes could be ‘hardwiredinto our DNA claim scientists

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Risk of diabetes could be 'hardwired' into our DNA as scientists discover there are two sets of genes that increase chances of developing the illnessRisk of getting type 2 diabetes is ‘hardwired into our DNA’ claim U...

Goldfish are trained to ‘drivea robotic tank by scientists

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This is NOT a fish tale! Goldfish are trained to 'DRIVE' a robotic tank by swimming in a certain direction to show they can navigate on land as well as in the waterExperts constructed 'fish operated vehicle' consisti...

Travelling to Mars may speed up the ageing process, scientists fear

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Travelling to Mars may speed up the ageing process, scientists fear, as they launch a study into the phenomena by testing the first all-civilian crew to fly to the International Space StationScientists from the Mayo ...

Boris Johnson ignores scientistspleas for pre-Christmas Covid curbs

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Boris Johnson and his ministers ignore scientists' pleas for even tougher Covid restrictions before Christmas as yesterday's cases top 90,000 - but 'could impose crackdown as soon as Boxing Day'The Prime Minister is ...

Scientists manage to keep water droplets in liquid form at -47.2°F

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Water's ultimate freezing point just got even lower! Scientists manage to keep droplets in liquid form at -47.2°FExperts in Texas reduced the limit of when water (H2O) freezes to -47.2°F (-44°C) It's been well known ...

Pluto and the Moon should be classed as PLANETS, beweer wetenskaplikes

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Pluto and the Moon should be classed as PLANETS, scientists claim amid concerns the current definition is 'rooted in folklore and astrology'Pluto was stripped of its status in 2006 by the International Astronomical U...

Scientists say UK’s £2million bat bridges are ineffective

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The £2m bridges for bats that don't work: Walkways designed to stop flying mammals getting killed by traffic are ineffective, scientists say Experts say bridges designed to stop bats getting killed by traffic are 'in...

Scientists develop a vegan alternative for leather from fungi

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Your next jacket could be made from MUSHROOMS! Scientists develop a vegan alternative for leather from fungi - and say it looks and feels just like the real dealScientists at San Francisco-based biomaterials firm hav...

Scientists discover ultra-light exoplanet 31 light years away

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The bizarre planet the size of Mars but with the makeup of Mercury: Ultra-light exoplanet that orbits its star in just EIGHT HOURS is discovered 31 light years awayThe newly-found planet is named GJ 367 b is likely r...

Scientists accused of pressuring ministers into imposing restrictions

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Tory MPs accuse scientists of 'trying to bounce us into decisions' and impose Covid restrictions to fight Omicron variantLeaked minutes revealed advisers are pushing for tougher restrictions on travel In spite of evi...

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