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Why hugs feel good: Scientists find brain circuit for ‘pleasant touch

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Why hugs, holding hands and caressing feel so good: Scientists uncover the neural circuit that transmits 'pleasant touch' sensations from the skin to the brain'Pleasant touch' is important in all mammals and promotes...

Scientists find brain receptor responsible for people growing taller

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Scientists have discovered the receptor in the human brain that is responsible for people growing taller and reaching puberty earlier than everScientists have found a receptor in the brain responsible for people gett...

Scientists film how the brain makes memories

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Scientists film moment brain makes new memories: Tailor-made microscope shows brains cells of transparent zebrafish 'lighting up like Times Square on NYE' in study which could offer hope for PTSD sufferersResearchers...

Rocket scientists and brain surgeons are no smarter than the public

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The stereotype isn't true! Rocket scientists and brain surgeons are NO smarter than you are, study claimsScientists compared the intelligence of 329 aerospace engineers, 72 neurosurgeons and 18,257 members of the gen...