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Geopenbaar: How royal family used kept wills of distant relatives sealed

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Geopenbaar: How royal family used obscure legal procedure to keep the wills of distant relatives including Prince Philip's Danish second cousin secret over past centuryWills of British citizens are expected to be made ...

Historian asks why private Mountbatten letters are still sealed

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Were Lord Mountbatten's files suppressed to hide royal affairs? Historian asks why private letters are still sealed because they 'endanger national security and international relations'Andrew Lownie says he has spent...

Verseëlde brief uit die 17de eeu gelees sonder om dit oop te maak

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Sealed letter from the 17th century has been read for the first time WITHOUT opening it after scientists digitally 'unfold' it with an X-ray scannerResearchers used an X-ray scanner designed to spot minerals inside t...