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Officials search for 4,000 new magistrates in huge recruitment drive

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Officials search for 4,000 new magistrates 'from every part of society' in huge recruitment drive to beat case backlog in courts... and they will specifically target younger recruitsThousands of new magistrates are b...

Polisie soek na seun wat in Wallis se strate in slaapklere ronddwaal

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Police launch desperate search for young boy seen wandering through North Wales town in pyjamas on bitterly cold eveningPolice said the boy was spotted near a Spar store in Flint this evening He was wearing pyjamas a...

Wetenskaplikes verhoog hul soektog na die ontwykende 'Asiatiese eenhoorn’

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Jag vir die ontwykende 'Asiatiese eenhoorn': Wetenskaplikes verskerp hul soektog na een van die wêreld se skaarsste diere in 'n poging om dit van uitwissing te red. Die 'Asiatiese eenhoorn' is die eerste keer in afgeleë berge naby Lao ontdek..

Police search River Thames for missing student, 20

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Police search River Thames for missing clubber, 20, who vanished after leaving Heaven nightclub in London on Friday morningHarvey Parker was seen on CCTV leaving Heaven nightclub at 2.15am on Friday He was then seen...

Search warrant issued for Alec Baldwin’s phone after Rust shooting

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BREEK: Search warrant is issued for Alec Baldwin's phone weeks after fatal shooting of cinematographer on Rust setBaldwin shot and killed Halyna Hutchins, a 42-year-old cinematographer, on the set of Rust on Octob...

Police search home four miles from where Bobbi-Anne McLeod vanished

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Police forensics team search home in Plymouth four miles from where Bobbi-Anne McLeod vanished as officers quiz man, 24, over murder of teenBobbi-Anne, 18, went missing in Plymouth on Saturday after failing to get on...

Man charged over ‘murderof woman while search for body continues

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Man, 40, is charged over 'murder' of missing woman, 27, while search for body continues - as police issue CCTV of victim's last sighting at night in townMan has been charged with murder following disappearance of Ilo...

Family friends of Cleo Smith open up on first hours of frantic search

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Inside the hunt for Cleo Smith: Family friends open up about the first hours of search for four-year-old girl, the moment hope began to fade and why the parents need to be left aloneFriends used drones and quad bikes...

Dog the Bounty Hunter and wife cut honeymoon short for Laundrie search

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EKSKLUSIEF: Honeymoon from hell! Dog the Bounty Hunter and new wife Francie Frane enjoyed a romantic getaway at a luxury beach resort on Marco Island before cutting their trip short to search for fugitive Brian Laundr...

Four people dead in Bedfordshire car crash as police search wreckage

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Four people were killed when a car crashed into a field in Bedfordshire and caught fire, police reveal after combing the wreckage to identify the victimsFour people died in a single-vehicle crash in Bedfordshire on S...

Police search child migrants at the roadside after boats land on beach

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Police search child migrants at the roadside after boats land on beaches in Kent while two more dinghies are intercepted as ruthless smugglers take advantage of warmer weatherAt least three incidents saw migrants man...

Laundrie’s father and FBI made ‘no discoveriesas he joined search

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EKSKLUSIEF: What's to laugh about? Father of missing van-life suspect Brian Laundrie chuckles with investigators as he joins FBI's fruitless search for his fugitive son in Florida's Carlton Reserve after girlfriend Ga...

Drunk man spends hours helping search party looking for himself

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Drunk Turkish man spends hours helping search party hunting for missing person without realising he is the one they are looking forBeyhan Mutlu, 50, was drinking with friends when he wandered into the woods He was re...

Desperate search for boy, 7, who went missing from remote home

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Desperate search for boy, sewe, who went missing from remote Scottish home in middle of night - as police ask locals to 'check sheds, gardens and garages'Carson Shephard vanished from Afton Bridgend in New Cumnock, ...

‘They are heroes’: Boyfriend of Esther Dingley praises search teams

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'They're heroes': Esther Dingley's boyfriend praises search teams after autopsy ruled she 'died instantly after slipping in worn hiking boots and plunging 100ft off a cliff'Dan Colegate praised 'heroes' who helped di...

Police search for man in the River Thames

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Police search for man in the River Thames after he 'jumped from Westminster Bridge' as fire crews and paramedics also race to the sceneMetropolitan Police were called to Westminster Bridge at 7.52pm, the force said A...

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