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Ghislaine Maxwell ‘could name names to reduce sentence

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Will she flip? Ghislaine Maxwell could spill the beans on high-profile figures linked to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in exchange for a lighter sentenceGhislaine Maxwell could potentially give up names of Jeffrey Epstei...

AG urged to review ‘unduly lenientsentence for Star Hobson’s mother

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Attorney General is urged to review 'unduly lenient' jail term for mother of murdered 16-month-old Star Hobson as family slam 'staggeringly soft' sentence that could see her walk free in just FOUR yearsHealth ministe...

Families of David Fuller’s victims hit out at necrophilia sentence

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Relatives of victims defiled by morgue monster David Fuller say 'it doesn't feel like justice' as he is jailed for rest of his life... while dozens of families’ wait for answers goes onDavid Fuller admitted 1987 murd...

Reeva Steenkamp se ouers sê Pistorius moet die hele vonnis uitdien

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'Jammer is nie genoeg nie': Woedende ouers van Oscar Pistorius se slagoffer, Reeva Steenkamp, ​​sê hy moet die hele tronkstraf van 13 jaar uitdien vir die moord op hul dogter en sê hy het 'geen berou' getoon nie terwyl hy probeer om vrygelaat te word op gelyke voet..

French prosecutors call for Real Madrid star to receive sentence

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French prosecutors call for Real Madrid star Karim Benzema to receive a 10-month suspended sentence and £63,000 fine in sex tape blackmail trialKarim Benzema is one of five people on trial over a 2015 extortion attem...

Prisoner, 66, sobs as he gets another six months added to his sentence

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Prisoner, 66, due to be released sobs as he gets six months added to his sentence for slapping a female prison officer's backsidePaul Morgan had six months added to his sentence for sexually assaulting prison officer...

Spectator who caused TDF crash handed suspended PRISON sentence

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Spectator who caused massive crash at the Tour de France in June is handed a four-month suspended PRISON sentence and the unnamed 31-year-old woman admits she is 'ashamed' during a brief trial in BrestA woman from Br...

Cressida Dick faces calls to resign after Wayne Couzens sentence

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Hanging her head in shame! Cressida Dick faces new clamour for her resignation following Sarah Everard's murder - as Met Police chief admits the killing had corroded trust in her forceMPs including chairman of the wo...

Deaf Colorado man sues police after his arrest and jail sentence

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Outrageous moment deaf Colorado man is slammed to the ground, tasered twice for running a stop sign and then jailed for four months for 'resisting arrest' - because he couldn't hear what cops were sayingBrady Mistic ...

Businessman ‘tried to kill himselfas he faced sentence, hof verhoor

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Millionaire businessman, 46, whose model wife left him for Premier League star Cesc Fabregas 'tried to kill himself' as he faced sentence for £2.5million fraud, court hearsElie Taktouk, 46, failed to attend court las...

Hundreds protests Swiss court as rapist’s sentence reduced

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Hundreds protest after Swiss rapist's sentence is reduced by the female judge because the sex assault 'only lasted 11 minutes'32-year-old's rape sentence was reduced from 51 months to 36 months by judge Justice Lisel...

Is THIS the data that will sentence Spain to No10’s ‘amber-plus’ lys?

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Is THIS the data that will sentence Spain to No10's 'amber-plus' list? Amper 3% of all travellers returning from the holiday hotspot are now testing positive for Covid - with rate having TRIPLED since the end of Jun...

Millionaire gets suspended sentence after refusing to demolish mancave

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Millionaire, 69, is slapped with a six-week suspended jail sentence in court after refusing to demolish 'Britain's biggest mancave' Millionaire accountant Graham Wildin, 69, has today been handed a suspended jail ter...

‘A life sentence should be for life’, says Libby Squire’s mother

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A life sentence should be for life': Murder victim Libby Squire's mother hits out at decision to free Colin Pitchfork after 33 years as 22,000 sign petition demanding he stay behind barsLisa Squire's daughter Libby w...

Derek Chauvin’s lawyer asks judge to limit his prison sentence

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Derek Chauvin's lawyer asks judge to limit his prison sentence to time-served saying his fatal chokehold on George Floyd was merely an 'ERROR': Prosecutors hit back by demanding he get 30 YEARSDerek Chauvin's attorne...

Terrorists convicted of planning attacks ‘should get life sentence

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Watchdog calls for extremists convicted of planning terrorist attacks to be given automatic life sentencesJonathan Hall QC said extremists convicted of planning terror attacks should get automatic life sentences He w...

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